Saturday, December 17, 2011

Music (On the seventh day)

Trudging onward, I am determined to finish my photography themes, although the chance of them getting done before the new year isn't high. Nevertheless, here is Music.

Photo of the week:

June got a Ukelele at her classroom auction. It isn't really in tune or anything, but what kid doesn't like to strum something and pretend they are making beautiful music. I like that the piano is captured in the background. June is actually getting quite good on the piano. At least she has reached my level. I hope she goes on to play much better than I do.

The Twelve Days of our anniversary are still going well. I will probably post all the activities at the end so if any of you want to do something similar, you are welcome to steal, or just use them as date ideas. Obviously, you would tailor them to your own special someone.

Here is our photo from year seven:

That is a picture from Fete Day. And yes, it was the best I could find from that year. By then, we were three kids strong and probably giving each other a peck on the cheek before we crashed into bed. We certainly weren't worried about taking pictures together...

Tyler's fabulous character trait for the day is creativity. I like that his job description at work marks him as a 'Creative.' Since he works with a lot of programmers, everyone is fairly intelligent there, but I like that he goes one step further and he makes his work look cool. Brilliant even. I feel that almost anything he puts his hand to turns out better. I have said before that I am spoiled. If I want something done with pictures or announcements, I just turn it over to him, and Voila!! Instant creativity. He makes a calendar every year that makes me smile. He does the layout for a magazine (Rocky Mountain Running and Triathalon) and I am amazed at all the ideas he invents for the stories. Somehow I always thought that people would turn articles in with interesting fonts and graphics in place. Not. Even. Close. They just send words his way.

I am not knocking the stories themselves. Journalists and content writers have an important job too, but Tyler sells their work. If it doesn't look good, people will be less likely to stop and read the article. I am proud of what he does. He puts a lot of time into little details. He really wants things to look right and sharp. Go check out the magazine online.

He is creative in many other ways too. He comes up with efficient ways to do things and has good ideas for almost any project I attempt. I still rule when it comes to family traditions and fun activities, but he is always right behind me making things just a bit better. What can I say? We make a good team.

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¡Vieve! said...

Creativity is such a great trait - one I wish I had!