Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Funnies (On the tenth day)

Wow, only two more days after this. Can you believe we made it this far? (Some may be wondering how we made it twelve years. But through reading these posts, you can clearly see that we two weirdos are made for each other.)

This photo was taken at Thanksgiving Point when we went on this date.

We are not the best about getting out on dates, but we love each other nonetheless. We usually just watch a lot of TV and pretend that when we both happen to be in the same room after the kids are asleep, it almost counts as a date.

Tyler's character trait today may seem boring, but I actually respect him for it. (That is when I am not slapping him for correcting my grammar.) That trait is that he is very literary. He likes words and the usage of words and correct grammar. I like all that stuff too, but somewhere in school they skipped me through some classes, and whereas I can write well; my commas are not always in the right place, and some of my sentences are not grammatically correct. (I'm sure you have noticed.) This trait makes Tyler an excellent editor and I try to make sure he looks over all my stuff before I print or post it.

We enjoy humor such as Anguished English and Eats, Shoots & Leaves. We like finding typos in others' work. (Not to make fun of them, but to merely laugh at how the mistake sounds once made.) For example when we went to an orientation for June's A.L.L. program, Tyler leaned over to me and asked what A.L.L. stands for. I told him it stood for Advanced Learning...something. Throughout the orientation there was a slide show and it finally listed the title on one of the slides. Except that they have left out a letter and it said, Advanced Learing Lab. Tyler and I spent the rest of the night staring intently at one another and then laughing hysterically. (I would like to note that I think we were the only parents who smiled the whole evening. Parents of smart kids can be pretty dull when in an orientation.)

But it is occasions like that...misspelled words, and incorrect punctuation that make us smile. (See, two weirdos. If you didn't believe me before, you must believe me now.)

Finally two funny moments that need to be recorded. Daisy was playing with Dad the other evening and I was in the room, and was lucky enough to hear this exchange:

Daisy: Dad, I want you to be my horsey-horse. (She likes to ride on his back.)

Dad: I'm not being a horse right now. I'm going to be lying down. (He proceeded to lie on his stomach.)

Daisy: Okay, you're a snake.

(Tyler starts hissing and trying to grab her as she walks by.)

Daisy: You can't grab me, snakes don't have hands. They only go 'Ssssssssss'.

She is so fun.

The other funny moment was at the table, and really it was only funny for me. With the help of Robyn, I made a chocolate pie for Dad's special dessert one night. Robyn didn't want Dad to know about the pie until we served it, so she didn't want her sisters talking about it. She asked them all very nicely not to say anything, but there were a few slips. Tyler was very nice and said we weren't going to talk about the unmentionable thing. And then every time someone started to reference dessert, he would tell us not to talk about the unmentionable. He said it so many times, and the pie being chocolate, all I could think of was the terrible, awful in The Help. If you've read it, you know what I mean. And if you haven't, go get yourself a copy today.

The pie was delicious, by the way. And perfectly fine to eat. I had two slices myself.


Bugers n' Gelato said...

haha, I love the terrible awful in the chocolate pie! Making a chocolate pudding pie sounds SO good right now, actually. :)

¡Vieve! said...

For having two slices, we could call you Two-Slice Maleen. Gah that part in The Help is awful. I too love finding typos!

meganmushrat said...

I don't think I'm going to want to eat any chocolate pie in your house - just to be on the safe side. Especially since playing practical jokes is one of Tyler's character traits. And, by the way, when I found a typo in our lab meeting notes a couple of weeks ago, our Supervisor said "Trust Megan to find the spelling errors!" So you come by it legitimately.