Friday, December 16, 2011

Dora (On the sixth day)

I know I just told you that I couldn't find pictures of just us without kids, and here we have one. (Darn blanket statements.)

It might feel confusing since we are dressed as gifts, but there are cobwebs above us. We went as "God's gift to women", and vice versa to a Halloween party. I remember it was one of those rare moments that we got out without the kids and then our sitter called to tell us that one of them had thrown up. Why do I remember these things? (Trauma? Randomness? My brain refuses to hold phone numbers so it keeps illness reports? Who knows.)

Today I would like to mention one of my favorite character traits about Tyler. He is funny. No... really funny. Like roll on the floor, tears streaming down, not making a sound because you are laughing so hard funny. (Granted, this happens more at night when we are pushed over the edge by sleep deprivation, but I will take my funny however I can.) When he married me, he promised to make me laugh every day. He has kept that promise.

I tried to imagine how it would be to be married to someone who didn't amuse me. I amuse myself plenty, but I just don't think that would be enough. Although come to think about it...I am sure Tyler is glad that I am witty and humorous, but I am sure he could spend a life time laughing at his own jokes. I, on the other hand, like to play off of other people. A lot of my humor is sarcastic (thanks mom) and it just wouldn't be as funny without someone to hear it. I already smile to myself when one of the kids gets a joke I say.

Basically, the fun is pretty constant around here. Tyler and I are pretty good at jogging the other out of a bad mood with a little humor, and I find it works wonders with the kids. It is hard to frown when you are smiling. :) I am sure that by the time I am 40, the laugh lines around my eyes will be etched deeply. But I don't care. Bring it on Tyler. I will keep laughing with you every day.

We don't have TV right now, but we do have Netflix. The kids will find a program they like and watch it incessantly. The latest is Dora. I would like to apologize to Dora. (Even though she is a made-up character.) I always thought she was rather loud and obnoxious. She is still loud. But now I have actually watched an entire episode, whereas before I was going on assumptions. Her show is very educational, and I am impressed with the reactions it gets from my kids.

Daisy is riveted. She will come running over to tell me that the ice cream truck is stuck in the mud, they can't get little star back in the sky, or Swiper, that sneaky fox, is coming. If we ever pause in an episode, she talks about it until we can return to finish it. I think she summed it up pretty well when she said, "I could watch Dora all day." (I don't let her, just in case you are wondering. But they are short episodes and I am surprised when we watch 5 or 9 in a row.)

More impressive (to me) is Pearl's reaction. She is talking. Pearl talk, mind you, but that is progress. Whenever 'Backpack' comes on, Pearl will point and yell, "Ba pa!"

Then they will sing for Map, and she yells, "Ma! MA!! Lh (look)"

I have noticed that since watching Dora, Pearl will try more sounds. She tried saying egg the other day, and she has finally figured out that Dad is 'Da da'. (Although that was kind of pre-Dora.)

I am content with these developments. There is still a stretch in front of us, but this is definite progress. So, thank you Dora. Your repeated phrases and silly tunes run through my head constantly, but I know this is a phase that will hopefully be replaced by He-man or Jem one day.

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Deanne said...

Dora is a common fixture around our house, too. Briggy has actually picked up quite a bit of Spanish from her. When he counts things it is always an English/Spanish mix. I remember when you were dressed as the gifts, and I cannot imagine being married to someone who didn't have a sense of humor either. It's been fun to go on this anniversary journey with you via the blog. :)