Sunday, December 18, 2011

Robyn (On the eighth day)

Robyn has been making me laugh a lot recently. She draws great pictures, she makes up funny songs, and she has great ideas of what to do with things around her. Like that Ukelele you saw in the picture yesterday...Robyn said you could take off the long part and it would be a big bow. (Why didn't I think of that?)

Her songs are hilarious. She sang one just this evening about Christmas. (I think she makes them up on the spot.) Somewhere in the chorus there was this line, "Stockings are hung high." And every time she sang that line, she would kick her foot up into the air, which was adorned with my new fuzzy red stockings. (Oh, did I mention that there is often awesome choreography accompanying her lyrics.)

I can't decide if this is my new favorite song of hers, or if I should stick with the old classic, DIE. She wrote this whole song about death, with a chorus that went, "Dee, Eye, Eee." (Or would you write that D, I, E?) It was so funny.

Also today, she came in with a paper stipulating the rules of a new club she was creating. I will write it down including all the spelling mistakes, because those are my favorite. Robyn still struggles with spelling, but I am glad that she write things regardless.

rulzs of colering club      (time 5:30 Monday)

you may NOT skribil!
Only bring Colering Books to the club (it has paper thar)
Coler light and dark if needed
Have fun

Boss Robyn!

I still can't decide if my favorite part is the word skribil, or that she labeled herself as 'Boss' at the end. I really love that kid.

But on to another person I love. (Look at that excellent segue.) This picture makes me smile every time I see it.

Tyler's character trait this evening is something that he might not be so proud about, but I really like it. He is tender-hearted. He likes chick-flicks, he cries when he hears songs on the radio about daddies and their daughters, and he really is a softie on the inside. (This is quite opposite from his rock-solid exterior.) He is not one for crying in church and he probably still shakes his head in embarrassment when I sob all over the place, but I know that he has the capacity to get emotional, even if it isn't about the same things I do.

Possible reasons he might cry:

1. No more Dr. Pepper
2. Netflix is not working
3. Someone stole his preferred character on League of Legends
4. He missed listening to Prairie Home Companion on Saturday night
5. I plucked his nose hair

Okay, I am just kidding. He is sweet and sensitive, but in just the right amount for a guy. He isn't gushy, but he isn't dead inside. I think he is perfect. (But you already knew that.)


Emma Jo said...

Anybody that listens to Prairie Home Companion is a kindred spirit. Yes, I like you guys a lot. (except Clark does his own nose hair plucking.)

Carrie Lu said...

I love when my kids make me laugh, which is pretty often. I also love when I make them laugh. Madison is understanding my humor as she gets older, she giggles quite a bit at me. I've seen Tyler's soft side when he was our home teacher. He and I shed some spiritual tears together. I miss having him as our home teacher, he was great! Will you tell him that? We have home teachers here, but they've never come to see us in the 18 months that we've lived here. :(

¡Vieve! said...

Dang it, I couldn't get that link to work on the 'dead inside'. How cutie that Tyler is mushy on the inside. (just kidding, of course)