Saturday, December 31, 2011


The theme is actually Winter/Summer but I usually like to do whatever season we are in, instead of the opposite, but it sure doesn't feel like Winter around here. Sure it is cold, but this is Utah, and there should be snow. I am not complaining since I don't really love snow, but I found it odd to try to find a picture that reminded me of winter. I really wanted to go down to the lake and take a picture of the frozen water. (It was amazing last Wed.) But by today, there were only a few little pieces of ice floating around.

So, I took a picture of the mountains. They look more like Summer mountains to me. For all you know, this could be the snow melting away in the hot summer days instead of it being practically January.

Photo of the week:

It was really interesting while I took the picture. I was far enough away from the freeway and hustle and bustle that when I got out of my car, there was silence around me. It was so quiet. I could hear every little rustle in the bushes from birds and small creatures. A snap to my left brought my head around to see a deer staring at me, and as the birds flew by I could hear the thrum of their wings beating. It was soooooooo quiet. I'm guessing it seemed quite unnatural to me based on the constant barrage of noise at our house. Five kids ain't exactly peaceful.

And so my photography challenge comes to a close. I will probably not get the last theme, Oldness before the year ends and the only thing I can think to take pictures of is myself (because I have felt really old lately) and that would just be depressing. I am not sure if I want to challenge myself again next year. I have felt very busy lately, and you have probably noticed my decline in blogging and photography. And yet...if I don't challenge myself somehow, it will be all too easy to let it slip aside. Then again, I don't know if anyone even cares about my pictures. Have they been interesting? Have you wondered at all what was coming next? Has it been a detraction from the normal blog fare? Will you feel inclined in your busy new year to comment on this at all? (I promise that wasn't a guilt trip. I know you are all busy and I don't comment as well as I used to either.)

But whatever I decide, I am glad that I took this journey. I do love taking pictures. It is a hobby that I picked up not too long ago. It is good to know that I can still learn things in my old age. There is still plenty out there to delve into. In fact, here comes the new year... a perfect time to think about what you want to do with your life. I have some resolutions in the works. Maybe I will be brave enough to put some of them on here.

I hope your 2011 has been fine, and your 2012 looks bright. This will be the first even year in a long time that I won't have a baby. Sheesh, I should go knock on some wood right now. That's all I need is a good jinx to start off the new year.



Jenaca and Stephen said...

Love your blog, love your pictures, love it all! Ihavent seen your sweet family in so long. I hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas and new year!!!!!

Scott and Svetlana said...

I think the pictures commitment was definitely a challenge but it looked really fun (in a good way). I was thinking if you are going to do it next year because I was thinking to take that challenge as well. Well, with new baby coming in soon I wasn't sure if it's going to work or not, but I think like you, that challenges makes us wiser (i hope it's correct use of that word).
I loved your pictures and reflections about it, in fact your writing makes it imagine really easy. You are a good writer!
Happy New Year to you and your family!

Bugers n' Gelato said...

Love your blog, motivated by your pictures, did just get an 8 passenger van, and a better fridge to fit more food, you never know! :) Happy New Year!