Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Photos (On the eleventh day)

I had such great plans planned for today. Tyler and I were going to get our own photo shoot; just the two of us. I was having some guilt since it has been a while since we did family photos, but some times you have to think of your husband first. Especially when all the kids are in Idaho anyway. (Thank you, thank you, thank you Grandma and Grandpa for taking the kids. Best Anniversary gift. Ever.)

BUT, (you felt this coming right) I woke up this morning with pink eye. Yep, that won't look so great documented, so the photo shoot will have to be rescheduled. Blat. However, Tyler and I took some pictures together just the other day. We'll just substitute those for a minute while my eye heals. Candid as always, but pictures without kids. (And that proves we love each other.)

We also have our picture from the eleventh year married. Look, we voted.

Our character trait for the day is...well, I am not sure if there is one word for it. Tyler likes to snuggle and be pampered. Well, who doesn't like to be pampered? And when I say pampered, this doesn't have to mean girly things like pedicures and facials. (Although Tyler likes those too.) Pampering is getting some of whatever you like. Right? For instance, if someone came and secretly cleaned my house, I would feel great amounts of pampering. (This is one of those moments when I wish my children were older and read my blog. Maybe they could take a not-so-subtle hint.)

Anyway, Tyler does enjoy many of the traditional pamperings. He likes his feet rubbed, a hot bath, or a long massage. I think he likes to have someone near him showing love. This means he also likes to cuddle. I have found that I don't love to cuddle. I will cuddle some, but I like my space and the feeling of not having someone breathe on me. So Tyler seeks out a good cuddle companion to snuggle with. Daisy is definitely the best right now. She likes to cuddle almost as much as Tyler. Grab a blanket, turn on a movie, and you are almost guaranteed to find Daisy in your lap. I like to wrap her in my arms and snuggle her right under my chin. (See, I said I like to cuddle sometimes.) Tyler is a great reminder that people need physical contact. Children need to be do adults.

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