Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas...Two Years Running

Last year I decided that I should actually start taking pictures and documenting Christmas. See, it says so right here. This year we sent the kids packing early up to Idaho and then caught up to them for the actual event.

Packing is not my favorite, although I still like it more than UN-packing. But with five girls and a check-list, it takes us about an hour and a half. And we still missed several items. I look forward to the day that I can say, "Girls, go pack," and they come tell me they are done in twenty minutes. Is that overly optimistic?? A girl can dream, right? Here is the gang in full swing.

Then we partied it up for our anniversary and decided that we should probably relieve Grandma before Christmas ensued. I think her actual words were, "Hope you enjoyed your anniversary, because this won't happen again." Grandma, I would encourage you to reconsider.

We left Eddy in good hands. (He was such a good elf this Christmas, and I will miss having him around.)

We arrived just in time. Pearl had almost forgotten who we were. We got reacquainted in the best way possible.

The girls had been busy while we were gone. Look at this masterpiece they assembled in our absence. Don't look too closely, or you might see some missing pieces.

Pearl found a boyfriend while we were gone as well. It was a bit awkward when J.R. and I walked in on her, but she didn't seem too bashful and she went right on kissing him.

I'm not sure where this picture should go, but I tinkered with it and I liked how it turned out. (Tyler says she looks like she's 90. Okay, to each his own. I still like it.)

Christmas eve has always been the night that Grandma and Grandpa distribute gifts to the grandkids. So we rallied the troops and proceeded to swap between all families. It is always great to see the other cousins and such. Somehow, we didn't get great pictures of everyone (most pictures are thanks to Tyler in the first place, because I was slacking as usual) but here are a couple I liked. The Great Kolbé was in good form.

Check out how cute Sir Jack is.

Ivory, however, should get some kind of award. She went through what must be a child's worst nightmare and actually held it together pretty well. For some reason, her gifts were absent. There were a couple from cousins, but there was a mix-up on the packaging so Ivory only got to open one gift, and then there was nothing else for her. She kept coming up to me and telling me there were no presents for her, but I told her to be patient. Turns out, there were no presents for her. Not even a pair of pajamas. Somehow her gifts were MIA.

Here she is still looking for gifts

Grandma made the fastest run to Target you have ever seen. (Ivory didn't even know she was missing) and somehow came up with pretty good last minute gifts. (Ivory was pleased as punch.) I told Grandma that if she finds the missing gifts, I know a little girl whose birthday is right around the corner.

Eventually all the excitement died down and it was time for bed. The girls left goodies out for Santa and we tucked them in. (Jeebes has other duties when he is not attending to Pearl.)

Christmas dawned bright and early. Okay, not really. J.R had to come wake us up at 7:30am, because Pearl was still sleeping. (First time ever.) The girls were allowed to open stockings and Santa gifts before church. I love this picture because Grandma was in charge of jammies and somehow I failed to mention that the girls don't wear the size for their age. (They are all miniature.) Therefore, I will be doing some serious hemming. (After I wash them, of course.)

Ivory seemed to like her new wallet from Santa.

Robyn found money in hers.

Other gifts were distributed, but I think we have just about enough pictures for one post. Also, we didn't get the camera out after church, so there is no documentation of our family gift exchange. Just know that it was fabulous and everyone had presents...even Ivory. Look, here she is coloring right away in her new Gymnastics leotard.

Oops, I said no more pictures. You know I lie sometimes. And just to prove it, here is one more. Daisy is showing just how we all felt after it was all said and done.


meganmushrat said...

Well, it certainly looks like you had more fun on YOUR Christmas than we did on ours - with me only 7 days out from surgery. I was super pleased to see my Christmas cross-stitch in the 90-year old June picture; and isn't Ivory coloring in the book we gave her? Makes me feel like I am a little connected.

¡Vieve! said...

Your Christmases always look so fun! Sad for Ivory not to get any presents, but yay for open stores. That gingerbread house looks awesome.