Thursday, December 22, 2011

Anniversary (On the twelfth day)

I waited as long as possible so I didn't over-post on Tyler, but he knows better than to post when I am surely going to post. (That seemed like a lot of posts in one sentence.)

Today was the big day. Twelve years ago we got married on a very foggy morning in Washington. Sometimes it seems like a dream, but when I wake up, he is still there beside me. (And some child is calling for me from the other room.) I am the luckiest girl to have married my best friend. Or perhaps he became my best friend after we were married for a while. (Truthfully, it was kind of a short engagement.) I was also trying to decide if we were alike to begin with, or we are just very alike now from living together. There is probably some argument for both ideas.

And even though we are still different, he completes me. He is that last bite of a great meal; when you feel so satisfied and you know you couldn't eat another bite. You think that perhaps you will never have to eat again because it was such a great meal. Unlike my food, my body can't digest this love. It seeps into everything and I am amazed at how much I care for another person. It is different from being a mother. Sometimes I feel like my love for my children is not a choice; it is dragged out of me. It is innate.

But loving a person who came with their own set of quirks and mysteries is different. Sometimes you have to work at it. Sometimes it comes naturally. Most of the time it is cloud nine. Rarely, it is the pits. But it is a choice. And I chose to love you Tyler, for forever.

Tyler's trait for today is a combination of all the others. He is well-rounded. He does it all. He has it all. He could learn it all, if he wanted. If I went back in time and took that test where you write down attributes you are looking for in a spouse, I bet that Tyler has them all. (Of course, I didn't know back then that I should request a man with less gas. Actually, is there a man like that out there?) Tyler is the kit and caboodle, the real deal, the whole package. He is the cat's meow, or pajamas. (Your pick.) He is pretty snazzy.

Here is our last picture. From earlier this year.

Twelve years baby!! We rock.

So, if any of you were looking for ideas, here are the 12 days of our anniversary.

1. Long bath with salts and candles
2. Photo booth photos
3. Massage (on a real table)
4. Met him for lunch
5. New shirts
6. A freezer full of ice cream (all chocolate varieties)
7. Played racquetball together
8. Candlelit dinner (kids helped)
9. Movie night
10. New wrapping paper (inside joke)
11. Professional Photo shoot
12. Dinner out

I actually don't think any of those ideas where especially fancy, but I was thinking of him for over a week. Well, I think of him all the time, but you know what I mean. I actually put the laundry aside to focus on him. (This was painfully obvious when we had to do 6 loads to catch up today. Um...happy anniversary babe.)

So, let's do this again next year. Not the twelve days thing, but maybe you and I can celebrate again this fabulous union we call marriage. I dig it.


Heather A said...

I don't know how I forgot again, but we have the same anniversary! We have been married 10 years today! Conbrats to you and great posts!

Emma Jo said...

Cute idea and well-executed!!

Katie said...

You guys are cute! Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!