Monday, December 12, 2011

The Fridge (On the second day)

On the second day of our anniversary, I'd like to talk some more about Tyler. He is smart. S-M-R-T. I like to consider both of us above average intelligence, so we have some very stimulating conversations. Granted, many of our conversations are quite the opposite. I actually tried to find one on the blog that I remember, but I couldn't find it which makes me worry that I never wrote it down. That is tragic people, because my brain does not hold memories like that. Just browsing through the blog had me laughing at all these idiotic things we do and say that I had already forgotten. So, for old times sake, I am going to record a conversation we had a few months ago that makes me laugh.

*Please be advised: Content is questionable.

Tyler and I were snuggling on the couch. Maybe we were watching a movie, maybe we were just talking...I have already forgotten. Somehow we got talking about my chest. It is no secret that I am not the bustiest woman alive, but Tyler happens to like my figure. He always chides me when I say something negative about my bosoms. (Or lack thereof.) Once again, I can't remember how we got on this topic and why the letter 'S' came up, but this is what I remember.

Me: The 'S' would stand for 'small'. Small boobs.

Tyler: No, the 'S' would stand for 'super!'

Me: Let's just combine them. The 'SS' boobs. Super small!

About that point we both started laughing, because putting super in front of small doesn't exactly improve my situation and I didn't realize how it would sound until I said it aloud.

Sorry if I offended you. And this only proves that we aren't always using the full capacities of our brains when we converse. (Or at least I'm not.)

But back to Tyler being smart. He really is. I firmly believe that he could do ANYTHING! He has self taught himself many subjects including computer programming, car repair, and playing guitar. He picks up on things quickly and is interested in world affairs. He remembers facts about pertinent topics, and he has a desire for knowledge. He has always gotten excellent grades through all of his schooling. He does well testing. (Although I did score higher than him on the driving exam. Don't worry, he's an excellent driver.) He is just a smarty-pants. I often question which one of us is smarter. Probably me, but he would be a really close second. (I sense he will want to comment on this post.)

But how about a picture? This is from the second year we were married.

In 2001, we went to Ukraine to teach English to children for a semester. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity. That picture was taken in a large park. The rock we are underneath was said to be a Lover's Stone. Couples would come and whisper to each other and if they told a lie, it was said that the rock would fall on them. Tyler is whispering that I am beautiful.

Well...we weren't squished. :) feels good to be blogging again. While I have your attention (if I didn't lose you somewhere around the sketchy discussion) I would like to show you an early Christmas present we got. There are the fun presents you get because you have been hoping and dreaming about them. And then there are the kind that are thrust upon you out of necessity. This would be one the latter. Although I am happy to have it.

Ooh pretty. And check out the freezer.

Our other fridge was very nice. We bought it large to accomodate our growing family, but for some reason, it only lasted 8 years. That doesn't seem long enough to me. It started breaking a few weeks ago. The freezer stopped working and all the ice cream melted into a large puddle at the bottom of the machine. Yuck. It was actually a mix of hamburger blood and ice cream. Double yuck.

So we had someone come in and replace a part for about $200. Freezer worked again. Things looked good. And then we left to go to Idaho for Thanksgiving. And the fridge passed away quietly in the night. I feel bad that no one was there with it. It had served a long and dutiful life. However, the really sad part was coming back to a fridge full of bad food. I practically cried as I emptied it out. That is a lot of waste. But now we have a new one. Merry Christmas to us.

The few days we were without a fridge were not so fun. I really like milk and cheese and cold water. The weather was with us at least and we put some things outside in the interim. It was funny watching the girls look out the back door to see what was in the 'fridge'. We did eat out too much and I consequently got food poisoning one night. Happy New Year to me!! Let's just say I am glad to be back in business. The double doors are still a bit odd to me, but it is growing on me. And truthfully I don't care much what it looks like as long as it keeps my milk cold and my ice cream frozen. Cheers.


Raging Stallion said...

I don't think you can say you don't remember things when you recall the minutiae of point riggings for an obscure driving test over a decade ago; and the "sweet nothing" I whispered in your ear a decade ago on a rock I couldn't remember in a park in a country that's so far away I can't remember the distance.

Wait, maybe it's me that can't remember anything...

In answer to your statement that a comment would arise, you clearly have prophetic abilities. As to whether you're smarter or not, I agree, you probably are.

Also, on the Merry Christmas bit. I tell this story a bit better in the Christmas newsletter, but the punch line is that the new computer I had been saving up to buy ended up being transformed into a new fridge. Happily though, the new cost of the new fridge was within $50 of a random design job that happened to land in my lap. Tithing blessing? perhaps.

Anyway, now we're well-cooled, seniley forgetful, safe-driving, relatively smart people. We're not so bad. People should hang out with us.

Emma Jo said...

We are living parallel lives...all but the fridge part and the rock that crushes liars, I have never seen that I most certainly do not have a cool new fridge.

Suzie Petunia said...

I think your husband and mine would get along just fine. I'd like to challenge the two of you to a game of couple's Trivial Pursuit. :)

Bugers n' Gelato said...

I love the 12 days of the Anniversary blog and welcome back! :) Your new fridge is pretty cool too. It looks so clean and reminds me to go clean mine!

¡Vieve! said...

So cute those stories are. And I'm insanely jealous of your fridge - I've wanted one like that forever now!

Svetlana and Scott said...

So sorry about your fridge! I hate throwing away food... But I'm glad you have a new fridge now. It is indeed an awesome machine made by some genius ! I can't live without it :)
You went to Ukraine? That is awesome! So you learned some ukraine language (or maybe russian? it depends where in Ukraine were you, since big part of it speaks in Russian) :)
I always knew, you are a big smarty! Keep it up, so your kiddos will learn that one from you (or just as a rule they probably already got some of your smarty genes)!

Alissa said...

we have a french door fridge and i don't love it. but my biggest reason is that the freezer space seems so small!