Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hello Blog... (On the first day) are you? It's been a while, but I have something very important to write about, so I will be using you frequently for the next few days. And while I do that, I might even catch up on some random happenings.

Like....I reached my 900th post. Interesting, I know.

But what is so darn amazing and fantastic that I needed to blog right away... is that I am married. What? You already knew that? Okay, but did you know that I have been married twelve years? Okay, more lies. Our anniversary is this month. In twelve days exactly. So truthfully, we have been married 11 years and 353 days. Since we got married at this festive time of year, I thought it would be appropriate to get into the Christmas spirit. I know you have heard of the Twelve Days of Christmas. BUT, have you heard of the Twelve Days of our Anniversary??? Fabulous huh? I have been planning this for years. It is just how cheesy I am.

And because you have been faithful blog readers, I am going to drag you through it let you share in the experience. Each day, I have an activity for Tyler, and an object with a silly saying. Also, there is a photograph from that year of marriage. Being a blog, I will share the pictures with you so you can traverse memory lane.

Here is the picture from 2000.

We were married at the end of 1999. (We figured we would make it all official before the world ended with the Y2K angst. Fortunately for us, it all went fine.) After we were married, we realized that we had never printed any wedding photos to display in our home, so we decided to go do a photo shoot. That umbrella picture was one of our favorites, and Tyler proudly flaunts it on his desk at work.

I guess this is where I should say something amazing about my awesome husband. I will try to extol one of his virtues each day. Tyler is very good looking (in my opinion). He has some excellent genes working for him, and he has managed to stay in shape these twelve years. (Please note that I am giving a lot of credit to genetics here.) Tyler does not love to exercise, but he stays active and eats well. (I try to ignore his Dr. Pepper addiction.) His current favorite sport would be watching himself do pull-ups in the mirror. His muscles are looking more defined and he likes to admire the new definition. I can't really complain since I admire his muscles too. I try not to show it too much because he doesn't really need extra encouragement when it comes to his ego, but I do admit to liking his hotness. He is a bodacious babe.


Raging Stallion said...

No, you're so hawt. No you are. No you are! No you are!

No, you hang up. No you. No you. No you. No you. Click, oh, I thought you were talking to me.

Inside joke for any Friends watchers.

Svetlana and Scott said...

Congrats on 900th post! I hope i can reach that one too but with my not very often posts it probably won't happen anytime soon.
Congrats on your almost 12 years of marriage! I think it's amazing that God created family unit like yours, you are an amazing couple!

Emma Jo said...

What a fun idea!! And a cute picture!

¡Vieve! said...

Congrats on the many years! I do like that picture, its very cute.