Thursday, March 31, 2011


Let's give some back story here before we dazzle you with crappy photos this week. I was totally stumped as to what to shoot for the theme of Fools. I am not big on April Fool's gags and I didn't want to take pictures of someone else with the label of 'fool' on them. So naturally I turned to the only person I feel extremely comfortable making fun of; my husband Me. I do stupid things all the time earning myself the title of 'fool.' In fact, just recently there have been some doozies. Let's just say that I have learned this wise process: Wash, then hem. Shall we repeat that? Wash, THEN hem. Do you think I have it figured out now?

Photos of the week:

Those lovely pajama pants were given to me for Christmas. They fit perfectly in the waist, but I could not figure out why they were six inches too long for me. I have short legs, but come on...I could have made some footies with the bottoms of these pants. So, I hemmed them. Then I washed them and instantly knew why they were long. Oops.

Next, my lovely curtains. See, I bought those back when we moved in. Seven. Years. Ago. And I hemmed them because they were too long. And yes, I hemmed them unevenly back then, but I swear I measured. Whatever. Next, this is where I admit that I don't wash curtains all that often. I have heard you should throw them in the dryer now and again to get the dust off, and I have done that, but more like every two five years or so. Well, these particular curtains hang right by the high chair. So, many little grubby hands have made successful attempts to grab said curtains, and the back splash of several meals decorated the bottom. I figured it was finally time to give them a good wash. Yep, let's all say it together again. WASH, then HEM.

So, you know who the fool is this week. I kinda like the new look though. They are capri curtains that let light in at the bottom. They will be all the rage any day now. And you know who should get all the credit. Yep, that's right peeps. You saw it here first.


Beth said...

Love it!

¡Vieve! said...

Good tips, I so didn't know that! Now my next step...learn to hem...

Desmama said...

Great pictures. They remind me of when I bought a dry-clean only shower curtain and then washed it. Seriously? So dumb. My first mistake, of course, was buying the stupid thing in the first place.