Sunday, April 24, 2011


My family came to visit back at the beginning of the month. (Remember the blogging fast?) We had a really good time while they were here. We played lots of games, and I was very impressed with my Dad. He is NOT a game person. He could watch movies until he fell over unconscious in his chair, but if you ask him to play a game, he usually passes. But not this time. He was such a good sport. Thanks Dad, you rock. See, I even have proof that he played with us.

Ticket to ride is always fun.

One of the main reasons that my family comes (besides seeing us) is for the big Crack-Off. If you have followed this blog for any amount of time, you have probably seen Crack-Offs come and go. They are still deliriously fun. We now have two each year...the family Crack-Off and then the neighborhood Crack-Off. I didn't want to have a crazy amount of pictures so I asked my photoshop 'eggs'pert to take the reins. Oh, look how efficient and pretty.

Take a look around, see which is your favorite. The colors are more muted from the originals, but you get the idea. Lucky Me took first place (Maleen) in decoration. Indian Art (Maleen) took second, and Apple Core (Grandma) took third, and fourth was Pearl of the Sea (Pearl's egg-sorry we didn't get a picture of the actual Pearl) .

This year we also added categories so the girls has a better chance of winning. Most Colorful went to Ivory's Love of the World. Most Attractive was Grandpa's Lettuce Alone. Most Amusing was a tie between Double Smile (Daisy), Puppy Love (Robyn), and Possession (Grandpa). Best Name went to Band Aid, also Daisy's egg. I liked the category system. In fact we adopted it for our neighborhood Crack-Off as well, but that is another post, of course.

Here are a few shots of the action that night. Here is Grandpa getting ready to roll.

Ivory and June managed to miss each other's egg about five times.

This is what it looks like when you smash up egg shells with your hands. Thanks June, and thank goodness for vacuum cleaners.

Our big winner this year was Tyler. Fu Yung was the grand champion. Although the parasite from Grandpa's egg worked its way up, so who knows who really won. (I guess you had to be there.)

Always a blast family. Always.


Raging Stallion said...

That's a win for Raging Stallion, just to reiterate.

Carrie Lu said...

The eggs are so cool! Great photos too! Love Raging Stallion's profile photo :D