Sunday, April 17, 2011

When You're Helping You're Happy...

This weekend, our ward had a large neighborhood service activity in which we went out and helped as many neighbors as possible with whatever service they needed. Our family ended up helping a neighbor trim hedges and clean up her trees. I was so proud of my girls. I know it isn't as easy to work for a long time when you are little, but they all did an excellent job.

Service is definitely one of those things I would like to instill in my children. I feel when you look beyond yourself and your own problems and help others, you feel a satisfaction that doesn't come any other way. It helps you learn to love others and serve as Christ would have us do. June told me afterward that it was hard work, but she felt so good. Yep, that is pretty much how it goes.

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Emma Jo said...

I love when the kids find that happy groove. Working together really is the coolest feeling ever. I just wished it happened a smidge more often :)