Monday, April 11, 2011


Photo of the week:

No lie, I have been off the map. I have a ton of pictures sitting on my computer just dying to make it to the blog, but I have been busy. Visiting family back to back is killing me. (In a good way, obviously.) My family visited from Washington, and then we left to see my nephew baptized up in Idaho. I took the camera out of the car right before we went, so I don't have any pictures. Are you kidding??? You think I would have learned by now. Kathryn, I am sorry that I did not capture any pictures of that amazing day. We had so much fun. But in the meantime, you do get to see how excited Pearl was to be traveling in the car. (see above) Okay, the car isn't her favorite, but she did a good job both ways. In fact, we tired her out so much that she took a three hour nap on the way home. I heart long naps. (For myself mostly, but I can't remember the last nap I took.)

Anyway, I am going into repentance mode. Even though it is Spring Break, I promise a post each day this week. Although don't expect posts about Spring Break, because I can not hold Pearl and the camera at the same time. Period. Those two are like oil and water. So when I took the kids to discovery park today, I didn't even bother to bring the camera. Which is good because I held P the whole time and followed Daisy everywhere, in which I still managed to lose her among the throng of kids and hit my head really hard on a low beam. Seriously, my teeth hurt after that one. Post concussion, I admit that I glanced longingly at the lady on the bench reading her Kindle who obviously had older children or didn't care that she might leave with one less offspring that day. Yikes, what a zoo!

So, anyway, posts about something coming your way soon.

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