Friday, April 15, 2011

It Almost Feels Like Summer

I'm not talking about the weather, although today was quite lovely after the chill burned off.

Nope, instead I am talking about getting used to having everyone home. The first day is always the hardest because the girls are so used to going to school. Instead they have to entertain themselves (while not fighting), make up a new daily routine, and I suddenly find myself making five lunches again instead of three. But by the end of the week, it almost feels normal to have everyone here. We can go do things together, which is nice, because I sometimes feel guilty when I take out the youngins somewhere fun and I know the older two are in school. Everyone gets their chores done which doesn't always happen with the chaos of after school snacks, homework, and playing. Just when I am ready to make this whole thing permanent, they will be back in school next week. Kind of a bummer, if you ask me.

Yesterday, we went to another museum, the good ole Bean Museum. Ever seen this guy?

We picked up some of the scavenger hunts that were available. I'm not sure I liked them or not. The girls were interested in finding the answers, but they still needed plenty of guidance and I felt like we hopped from one side to the other instead of taking the museum at our own leisurely pace. On the other hand, the scavenger hunt got June reading the plaques and she probably wouldn't have done that by herself. We learned interesting facts, like the Giant Clam has never killed anyone, but people have lost arms and legs to him. I think that is right...June read the info.

Side note: Having many small children, I don't really get to read many plaques or signs myself. I mentioned this about the other museum, but it is very frustrating. I have been to the Dinosaur museum about nine times, and I have never got to go at my own pace and read the stuff on the walls and cases. At the Bean Museum June had some trouble finding all the answers so she would ask me to help. I got really good at scanning the words in the twenty seconds it would take Pearl to get into trouble. I complain now, but someday I may even be sad when I have no kids interrupting my cultural experiences. Or not.

I diligently tried to take a picture of my nuggets together. This was the best I could do, and I am pretty sure the lion was the best poser.

Besides the frantic pace and bizarre questions, I was impressed with the kids. They do a good job looking out for each other. I only have to ask for one of them to watch Pearl and they dutifully turn into an impromptu babysitter for a few minutes. Here is Robyn on one of her shifts.

I really love all these amazing children I have. I like watching them explore and learn. I like the different personalities and quirky things they think and say. I love to snuggle and kiss each one every day.

This last picture wasn't taken that day, but Pearl has been biting her cheek and whereas I don't know if I approve because of long-term habits, I still think it makes her dimple look cute.

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