Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Every Who Down in Who-Ville Liked Baths a Lot

I spent all day attacking the garage, and yet, the spider spray man coming tomorrow will be lucky if he can get through without falling down, let alone find a place to spray his chemicals of death. The garage is definitely a work in progress. But I like a challenge.

We didn't go do anything fun for spring break today, but the kids actually think the garage is a fascinating place. They find the sequestered toys and make up little games about them. They were as content as anything. Tomorrow we will venture out again, if there isn't too much snow. Yes, you heard me right. There is supposed to be more snow tonight. But maybe it will magically disappear with the morning light.

In the interim, you can check out my cute Cindy Lou Who.

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Emma Jo said...

Snow, go away. I am sending my good weather wishes your way. Maybe the girls and I will even do a little sunshine dance in your honor.