Monday, April 25, 2011

Possibly Worse Than Halloween

I'm sure you don't need to hear me give another candy-infested-holiday rant. So I won't. But, keep in mind that I too fall victim to the commercialized sugar indoctrination. I was stuffing my own hoard of eggs for the kids on Friday evening and I mentioned to Tyler that I wished I had more candy to put in the eggs, or at least more variety than the two kinds I picked up.

Naturally, I immediately repented after the city hunt on Saturday morning. I wished I could go empty all our eggs, because I could already tell they had enough candy to last them for months. So, here is my plan for next year: We have so many eggs, next year I am going to color code them for each child. (i.e. Robyn only gets blue eggs, Daisy—pink, etc.) and then I will hide a puzzle inside that will lead to one nice giftish thing. Phew, I feel better about it already.

See, candy is great, but you don't need it to have a good time. We went to our local hunt and Daisy waited dutifully for the horn to blow, but she told me she didn't want eggs; she just wanted to go on the slide. She told me this at least fifteen times. I still made her get eggs, because I knew in the end that she would feel left out. I think she had a good time after all.

Pearl picked up these two eggs and never let them go. I figured that was all she needed.

The other girls also made quite a haul, but they all ended up over here:

They were doing twirls down the pole. You can see June's hair flying out.

They had a good time. And yes, I am still glad we went.

More Easter festivities to come: (One of these years, I am going to combine them all so I don't end up with so many Easter posts.)


Emma Jo said...

Phew, all those Easter festivities make me tired and strangely enough, craving a little sugar.

¡Vieve! said...

I always want to steal some kids and take them to one of these events, to see how fun they are. Maybe one year...