Monday, April 23, 2012

One More Egg Hunt

We were going to have our family egg hunt on the Saturday before Easter as usual, but when I suddenly realized that we would be headed to Idaho and Grandma's huge backyard just a few days hence, I thought it would be worth waiting.

And I'm glad we did. We got to get all the cousins involved and it was a blast. I hid over 200 eggs plus some extra items. And then I sat back and forgot to take pictures for most of it. There are a few children who are blatantly absent, but let's at least showcase the ones I caught.

Pearl is always easiest to catch since she is predominantly underfoot. I thought at first that I would have every child collect 20 eggs, but I realized the younger ones didn't need that many and it would be annoying for the older kids to keep track. And sure enough, Pearl not only didn't need twenty, but she wasn't that interested in hunting when there was candy to be had in easy reach. Aunt Kathryn was nice enough to help her out.

Here are some other hunters: (I promise there are no favorites, just the ones I happened to catch a shot of.)

The boys hunted as a pack. It was pretty cute intimidating. :)

June, Kaysen, KJ, and Hinckley

And they were so nice. They shared candy and money with each other and their cousins. They are pretty stand-up guys.

The camo eggs were a hit. The boys and June were mainly out to find those, although almost everyone found at least one. Our big winner was Kaysen. The five dollar bill was one of the last found. Truthfully, there are probably still a few there. Every year we seem to lose some Camo eggs. Tricky little buggers.

I wasn't very strict about candy consumption up there, because at Grandma's I know they are bound for a higher sugar intake. That and I couldn't seem to keep candy away from Pearl. Every time I turned around, she had another piece. I'm sure she was grabbing from anyone in reach.

We only spent a few days up in Idaho, but we had a good time. One of the days we went to the Idaho Falls Museum. They has a hands-on dinosaur exhibit there and a play area that kept the kids entertained for quite a while. Some loser forgot her camera. (Hey, give me a break...I was on vacation too.)

I was solo on this trip, meaning no handsome husband to help out with the kids. I think it went pretty well, all things considered. Pearl survived the car trip, or should I say, I survived the car trip.

Everyone slept okay, except the first night in which Pearl did not really sleep and consequently neither did I. But the great thing about a vacation is that we both got a nap the next day.

Robyn seemed to be up very early one morning. Long enough to organize an entire box of crayons.

I have to admit...I like it when they get older and can amuse themselves in the wee hours.

It was great to see family and I apologize for my lack of pictures of them. Robyn's baptism is right around the corner and I promise to be more diligent. I love my extended family. It is always great to see them.

And so Spring Break came to a close. It wasn't long, but it was just enough time for me to know that I probably need to be a little more organized come Summer. I like that Summer is a time to relax, but I have to have a little structure to keep me sane.

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¡Vieve! said...

How funsies! I've never even heard of camo eggs, but now I want to get some and hide them everywhere.