Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Little Sinker

During week three and four, Ivory was getting her dose of swimming. We would go early in the morning and get back before the normal chaos ensued.

Ivory did very well in her class. She said the other kids were very impressed with her swimming. Also, she was perfecting her front flip on the diving board to show off.

This was also the week that she got her expander and became very hard to understand for a few days. (Actually, sometimes she is still hard to understand.) One of her classmates said, "Why is your voice crooked?"

Ivory can propel herself through the water okay, but she doesn't float very well. She tends to sink. She's all muscle after all. Not much buoyancy there.

She did pass with flying colors. And I feel much better about her being in the water. Now if we can just get her to tell me where she is going...

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meganmushrat said...

Uncle Tim had the same problem with floating. It was funny to watch him swim because he would just sink lower and lower until he was swimming under water. Swimming is a very valuable skill to have - I'm glad you're making sure your kids learn it.