Friday, July 17, 2015

Settimana Di Sei

It is actually almost the end of week seven. (Man, time is flying) But we need to go back and see what happened during week six.

I know I was sick. The entire week. In fact, I still have a bit of a cough and don't quite sound like myself. This cold has sure hung on. But I was determined to try and do our schedule like normal. I was already absent a week in CA, so I didn't want to miss anymore.

Monday dawned and we were off as usual. Shopping, piano...all that good stuff. After lunch, our craft was stained glass, taught to us by June. She learned it when she did the Medieval Faire for school. It was a tricky craft and very time consuming, depending on the detail of your project. I wasn't about to hand over an exacto knife to the littles, so that meant some extra help from older sisters or mom.

June took over helping with Daisy, and I are worked with Pearl. I know I have said this before, but I enjoy watching what the kids create. Everyone is so unique in their ideas.

Robyn got the hang of it right away.

June was a pro already. She added a lot of detail to Daisy's.

The only problem with stained glass is the mess it makes. We ended up with cellophane all over the house. Pieces of tape were stuck to the table. Even after sweeping several times, I'm still finding stuff a week and a half later. Darn yellow cellophane. It blends into the wood floor.

Robyn made a simple pattern and was finished long before anyone else. Good job!

I helped Pearl. She cut out some of her shapes and supervised color choice.

June had so much to do, she didn't have a chance to finish either her project or Daisy's. But I'm guessing she will finish them when she can. They still look splendid half finished. Here is Daisy's flower.

And June's wave. Love it.

Ivory did her own cutting (awesome) and made a fun design. She was a little overwhelmed by the project and the time involved. She will probably finish eventually too.

I wanted to try too. My design was inspired by my mom's villainous character. I took a picture of my finished product and then sent it to WA. I think she will be happy there.

I was feeling more than a little guilty about crashing on the kids for the Fourth of July. No parades, no hot air balloons, no fireworks. To make it up to them, we took them to a really fun fireworks show on Monday night.

A friend of ours (Jason Turner) puts on a show for all his real estate clientele. He also invites neighbors and friends. We were very happy to go. It was an awesome show!! and not too crowded. We brought along our FHE treat. Yum...warm brownies before a show.

I'm there too. Guess I'm still in selfie mode from last week.

On Tuesday, we got some more coupons, but used the ones from the week before to get ice cream. You can't tell from this picture, but it was only about half an hour before dinner. (I am a good mom.)

Wednesday, I still wasn't feeling great and Robyn had a rough night, so we decided to chill and skip our field trip to the Bean Museum. Instead, we borrowed Cars from a friend and watched that. I really wanted to see it again after going on the ride. I'm really impressed with how realistic they made Radiator Springs.  

Thursday, we made our treat, Nutella Rice Krispy Treats. There is a recipe here.

I would say these are definitely harder to make than normal rice krispies. First of all, Nutella is a little messy. (But worth it.)

After you melt your marshmallow and butter, you add the Nutella and it becomes very thick. When you mix fudge, it just gets all creamy, but the Nutella didn't seem to get as smooth. Then you have to coat your rice krispies and it is like stirring glue into cereal. It was so thick. I really had to use all those muscles I've been building up in boot camp.

I finally finished and pressed the mix down into the pan. (Less sticky than normal rice krispy treats at least.) The next part was easy. Get some chocolate chips.

Melt them with some shortening and Nutella and smooth it over the top.

The best part was that they were delicious. They really were very yummy. I guess it was worth the extra stirring.

This last week (well technically week before last week) we had some really cool summer storms. I love lightning and one evening there was almost constant lightning. It was amazing. I stayed up and watched for a while, but Curtis got a picture and sent it to me. He was watching from his porch.

Crackling huh? Summer storms lead to summer rainbows. Saw this beauty on Thursday night.

It was even a double rainbow. Can you see it?

Friday, we watched Fantastic Mr. Fox. You can skip it. It was really weird. The book is much better.

Saturday took Tyler back up to Idaho. Still no kiss goodbye since the cold was hanging on. (Blasted cold.) The girls and I usually have quiet weekends. We do chores, we play games. Sometimes the kids dress up as fire and ice. You know, the usual.

Ivory was super excited to have her date this month, so we stayed up late on Sat. and watched Sabrina and ate ice cream. (I haven't watched that movie in ages and I was surprised how much I remembered.)

Another week of summer down. Over half the summer gone. There is only about a month until school starts. I already feel we have had a great summer, but I'm certainly not ready for the kids to be back in school. I want a little more time to play with them.

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meganmushrat said...

After hearing about all the things you do with your kids - and thinking back on how you and Miranda were pretty much on your own every summer (OK - I was working), I sure don't feel like the 'amazing mom' you tell me I am. As I mentioned before, I wish I was one of your kids (except when you have to discipline them!)