Monday, September 12, 2016

As Black as Fete

Fete Day is usually mid-August, but with family in town, we decided to celebrate early. The last post was on Friday. Let's back up one day to Thursday. (See...backwards.) Fete Day is always an exciting holiday around our house. We invited the Dargan's, the McLane's (Rubia and Alex), and Vicki. The color was black. We have done black and white before, but this time we settled for just black. I actually want to try stripes next year, but with people visiting from out of town, it seemed better to go with a basic color that most people have in their wardrobe.

Everyone found something that worked. The kids even dressed up Pip.

We never got a full group picture. This is pretty close. Tyler was in charge of the camera because I was running the show. (Thanks Tyler. There would be no pictures without you.)

Our Fete Day activity was Bunco. It was super fun. We had twelve people, so three tables of four. (Grandma and Pearl were one team.) It was fun to switch partners often. I think I got to be with almost everyone once, although I spent much of my time down at the loser's table. We threw around a little football for traveling.

It was a frenzy,  but so fun! At the end, we totaled scores and people came up to choose a prize from our tray. Grandma Dargan got the most Buncos, so she had already taken the Riesen's that were up in the corner when we took this photo.

Then there was the other part of Fete day - gifts! We had everything lined up on the mantle. We even got a photo bomber.

Tyler took plenty of pictures of our exchange, but I just grabbed a few to put on here. It is fun to search for something in a certain color and hope your person can appreciate your creativity.

We didn't forget the ice cream cake. It was very delicious this year, and super easy since it was the cheater method, made with ice cream sandwiches.

I would say it was a very successful Fete day, even if we ended up with black oobleck. (Come on Granny V...I guess I just have to appreciate your creativity.)

Special thanks to Rubia and Alex. We love having new people come celebrate Fete day with us!

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meganmushrat said...

I see you managed to get a picture when my hair was in pigtails! It certainly was a fun evening.