Tuesday, September 13, 2016

TEN Commandments

Week Ten was a little disjointed and half of it has been posted already...backwards. But I want to get the rest on here. It was a very fun week since we had our family from WA visiting for most of it. That meant that we wouldn't be doing our normal weekly routine, but no one cared. We did have time for our craft on Monday. We got some scrapbooking done. However, I somehow managed to erase all the pictures I took of our finished products. One picture of Robyn was misplaced and put in a different folder and therefore became the sole survivor. Luckily, our actual productivity has been preserved in the girls' scrapbooks. But you only get one picture here.

On Tuesday, the Dargan's were around to play with us. Daisy got a belated gift, but who doesn't like gifts any day of the week.

My kids adore the big adult coloring books that are so popular right now. And colored pencils are hoarded around here.

Thanks Grandma!

We played lots of games. A favorite was Wise and Otherwise. This is possibly my favorite board game of all time. And not because I always win. (I do win often, but it is fun even when I am tanking.) I think the Dargan's enjoyed it because they got their own copy later.

Oh, there's Tim. We don't see him as often, so I was very happy he could come. (We didn't get Grandpa Dargan this time around. Boo.)

Grandma was very patient as we played with her hair and put it in pigtails. You are never too old for pigtails. Love you mom!!

Vicki came halfway through the week. It was great to have her for a few extra days before the baptism. And she brings Pip, who is loved by everyone. Really...everyone. (That last one is Miranda...not Robyn.)

Granny V got to take Daisy out for her last time of birthday shopping. They always have a good time.

Check out the new kicks.

Then it was down to business.

First Fete Day.

Then Book Group.

And of course, the one that brought them all...the baptism.

Phew...one packed week. All the Cazier's visiting, left for Idaho after the baptism, and we had one last evening with the Dargan's. So, we played some more Wise and Otherwise. I think we also did some Caveman telephone. (Hahaha.) Here is a quote from the quote book:

We were playing caveman telephone. I was laughing because the phrase 'jellyfish eating a banana' had somehow turned into a gumdrop wanting a piece of macaroni. It was Daisy's drawing that was a bit confusing.

Mom (speaking to Grandma): How did you get macaroni? Look in the drawing. It even says 'Yum...banana.'

Grandma: It does not say banana. (She looks closely.) It says 'Boo....nan.....uh.


Oh, I lie. That game was actually played in April. But I still laugh about it all the time. Anyway, here are a few pictures of our last few moments together.

And then the Dargan's left us as well. It was mighty quiet in the house. Or as quiet as it ever gets with five children. On Sunday, our home teachers brought over a gift for Daisy. It was a candy cake. It was basically awesomeness. Daisy was so happy with it, and it replenished her treat drawer instantly. Thanks Jessica. I don't think there could be a better cake for an eight year old, and it was the perfect ending to our week.


meganmushrat said...

Ah, good times. Wish we could visit more often. And just for the record, I don't think the boo-na-nuh joke is all THAT funny.

Maleen said...

True. You kinda had to be there, but since I was there, it is funny every time I think about it. :) Love you!