Monday, March 10, 2008

All in the Family

Warning: This is a long post with lots of pictures, but we had such a good time in Idaho that I wanted to write it all down and remember it. So skim, read through, or just check out pics, whatever you like.

The drive to Idaho was rather uneventful what with our youngest being two now. We left in the evening and in less than an hour Robyn and Ivory were out cold and June amused herself until she fell asleep later. Tyler and I had four hours just to talk to each other (this never happens) so it was a good trip up. Granted, we can't get the girls to stay asleep once they reach Grandma and Grandpa's. They are usually up for about an hour because they are excited to see toys, dogs, grandparents, etc. This is normally not so bad but Tyler had planned for us to go to the temple bright and early the next day. I have to admit, I wasn't as alert as I would have liked, but the Idaho Falls temple is quite beautiful. I have been to that temple a few times, but I am not very familiar with the layout of the temple. Some lady must have noticed this right away because she came over and put a sticker on me. "This sticker will let people know that you haven't been to our temple before," she said. Great, I thought, I get a dork sticker for not knowing my way around. Then again, I could just blame it on how tired I was. But it was great to go with Tyler. We usually split up and take turns, so it was nice to go with him for a change.

Then our day was planned out. The whole family was together this weekend. Tyler has two brothers and they were there with their kids. His older brother Kolby and wife Kathryn have three boys (who I didn't get any pictures of. I'm going to have to have Kathryn send me some later). And his younger brother JR and wife Amber have a girl and a boy. It was really fun to get everyone together. I like my girls to play with their cousins when they have a chance. I didn't have a single cousin growing up (I know this sounds impossible, but it is true) so I like getting together with family when we can.

Grandma knew a great little swimming place that is heated through the winter. I think it may be a natural spring of some kind made into a pool. We took the kids and they had a grand time. Grandpa stayed out of the water with our youngest member Jack and took pictures through the chain-link fence, so please forgive the lines. There was a hot water area with a smaller pool with very hot water. I would liken it to a hot tub without all the bubbles. I naturally had to stay out of that water since I'm pregnant but the girls enjoyed it, especially Ivory. She would go back and forth from the hot water to the cooler water. It certainly kept Tyler and I busy, trying to follow her around. I have to admit, having more kids can literally fry your brain as you try to watch them all at once. Here is Tyler with Ivory and June. I liked this back shot because Ivory's little braids just stick off her head so cute.

In this picture, you can catch quite a few of us if you know what you are looking for. I am holding Ivory with Tyler leaning over. Behind him is JR following Rozzlyn's little head. In the lower right is Robyn and in the upper right in Kathryn.

Here is JR and Rozzlyn.

And of course this picture needs NO explanation.

We played until we were all tuckered out and starving. Apparently they make food there too, so the pool doesn't smell of chlorine, it smells like a hamburger. So we bustled into the dressing rooms to do a quick change before getting some lunch. I decided to make the trip just a tad more interesting for our family. At Grandma's house, when I put the towels in the car, I put down our bag of clothes to change into and never picked it up again. So, we had outer clothing but no under clothing. This wasn't so bad for the girls; I found spare panties in the car because I tend to hide extra undies everywhere for them. But Tyler and I were not so lucky. I figure it is good to wear jeans every once in a while without underwear; it makes you REALLY appreciate underwear later on.

After getting the troops packed up, we went to Big Jud's, a diner of sorts. The food was delicious and the company was even better. Kathryn took a bunch of pictures, and I will try to get some later. JR tackled a Big Jud burger which is a 1 lb. burger that was about the size of his head. But that didn't stop him from finishing the whole thing. That boy is crazy (and I can say boy because he is 6 months younger than I :) We stuffed ourselves silly because that evening we started a special fast for Grandpa. He has been having some trouble with his heart. I think the doctors have diagnosed the problem and minor surgery should fix it, but the heart is never something to take lightly.

We were all able to go to church together the next day as well. Grandma and Grandpa's ward is starting to become an 'older' ward. All our children combined doubled the number in primary, and we had to keep Ivory with us because there was no nursery. That is so weird to me since we have three nursery's in our ward, and really need a fourth. But everyone is at a different stage of life. After church, we came home to break our fast and spend the afternoon together. It was really fun just hanging out, eating and watching the kids play. Life is good with family. Grandpa said having all the family together at church was the best birthday gift he could have (it was his birthday this weekend) and he decided that is what he wants every year.

We packed the kids up in the evening and headed home. It was another uneventful trip. The girls borrowed a Power Ranger movie from Grandma and watched that on the way home. Ivory gave up half way through, and I slept through a lot of it. After about two and a half hours, I turned the movie off (for sanity's sake) and the other two slumped over in the back. The only thing keeping their eyes open were the mighty morphing power rangers. What funny girls.
And so we are back. And it is warmer here than Idaho, so that was a relief.

Here are a few extra pictures. Ivory found Grandma's bouncing seat suspended from the ceiling. It is made for little kids, but Ivory tops out at a whopping 21 pounds so we let her play in it. She loved it and spun in so many circles, I couldn't watch because it was making ME dizzy.

Here is one with aunt Kat talking to her. I still love those funny braids.

And as usual, I didn't take ANY pictures. Not a one! I am such a slacker. So I stole all these from Grandma's camera before I left and I found these cute ones on there as well. Here is a great shot of Rozzlyn and then one of Jack. What cuties!

And now on a COMPLETELY UNRELATED note, I saw the Oscar Meyer Weiner Mobile today while I was shopping. That is one crazy vehicle. It almost reminds me of a hovercraft because the people are so high up. Anyway, just thought I would share that. I hope you all had a great weekend.


Deanne said...

We missed you at church! I asked the Jr. Primary kids if they remembered the important secret I told them last week. NO hands... not even my own kids! Thanks, June for remembering! It looks like a fun and memorable trip!

Ker said...

Please tell me you didnt go to "Green Canyon"!
Love the IF temple--thats our temple. We go everytime we get the chance.
BIG JUDS- I know the owners. Jud Neiderer. Good place, good burgers-good food. Glad you had fun in the ice box of Idaho.

Jodi Fairbanks said...

I am in love with those little braid of Ivory's! I have said it once, but I will say it again- your girls have gorgeous hair. I think you are supposed to have girls because it would be a shame to have a boy and have cut off those awesome locks!

Vieve! said...

Your weekend sounds like lots of fun! The girls' hair is all so cute!

Stacy said...

Phew...that was one long post you weren't kidding. But since I am a little long-winded myself, I made it all the way through. And the braids made it all worth it.
Oh, and the picture of the "raging stallion" showing off his muscles. (I'm totally just kidding on that one, but you know, he gave himself the name right?)

Michelle said...

I just love Ivory's braids!! They are great!! Glad you had a fabulous weekend!!

buhlersdayoff said...

thanks for the trip down memory lane!! IF is where I went for my endowments (ps the most beautiful inside and out)and I think we have been to that same pool when we were dating (at least it looked the same but I don't remember the name we will have to ask Mike) and who hasn't been to the wonderful Big Juds!! It is the best!! Thanks I loved it!!!!!

Rynell said...

Sounds like a great trip!