Saturday, March 15, 2008

Tagged, again

For some reason, I am not a big fan of tagging (no offense Kellie) but since I haven't ever done this one, I figured, what the heck...

10 years ago:
1998, I was just starting my first semester at BYU. I lived in the dorms (7th floor of U-hall, they are tearing them down now). I was dating up a storm (I would meet Tyler a year later, once I moved off campus) and I was trying not to sleep through my boring class (History of Civ--yikes, don't take that class after lunch).

5 Things To Do Today:

* Hunt down the girl scouts and buy only 2 boxes (which I will probably consume the same day).
* Get out my card table from the garage so I can make a mini fort for the kids.
* Return Fablehaven to the library, get Lightning Thief and clean part of my house before I start reading it.
* Frown at the snow just a bit
* DO NOT read blogs while my two year old is awake (I found her trapped in the bathroom yesterday. She must have had a good half hour to herself in there. When I came in, toilet paper was everywhere, her blanket was over the stool with the plunger on top, and there was soap on just about everything. I hate cleaning up soap).

3 of My Bad Habits:
* Thinking I am always right (but I usually am, so that isn't THAT bad, right?)
* Biting my nails (but I don't feel bad about it).
* Eating desserts when the kids aren't looking so I don't have to share.

Places I have lived:
Washington and Utah (oh, and Ukraine for four months)

Things Most People Don't Know About Me:
I used to have a skink as a pet. She was about as long as my arm. I wanted a snake, but my parents got me a skink instead. I really liked her, but I didn't like the smell of fresh vegetables (which she ate) wilting under the heat lamp. yuck.

Tyler had a better answer to this question, but you have to ask him if you want to know.

Um, I'm not tagging anyone, because I personally don't like being tagged, but if you feel the desire to share information about yourself, I would still love to read it.


Vieve! said...

You're like the best mom ever, making a fort for the kids. I'm so jealous!

Ker said...

I love finding new things out about you! I always get a great chuckle. Oh and can I come VT you this week?

Deanne said...

Am I the only one who has never heard of a skink? I kept thinking it was a typo until I realized you probably wouldn't have had a pet skunk. Don't worry. I googled it, and am now well educated. Just add it to the list of "things I learned today"! Have fun in your fort, and I will be chatting with Tyler about the non-bloggable thing we don't know about you.

Kellie said...

yes I am quite interested in unbloggable things :D Tyler... Thanks for the idea about the table and fort I may have to do that as well... my boys are very busy today... Sorry I tagged you :D sort of :D