Wednesday, March 19, 2008

An Evening with Garrison Keillor

Truthfully, not much to look at, but the man can weave a story that will leave you holding your sides. It is an amazing talent.
Tyler listens to a Prairie Home Companion most Saturdays when he can keep the kids quiet enough to hear the radio. It is a show broadcast in the old style with live musicians and plenty of stories. There are some recurring characters like Guy Noir, private eye, and recurring adds like the ones for ketchup (not sure why?), and the show is quite interesting to listen to. Garrison is famous for his Lake Woebegone Tales in which he talks about the average people who live in his hometown in Minnesota and he has written a few books about them as well.
He tours the country and the radio show will air from different locations (always on a Saturday night). He actually came to Salt Lake City not too long ago, but I was unable to attend with Tyler. But he came back on Monday for a night all to himself. No band, no guest, just an evening with Garrison.
He mostly told stories and he sang a bit. He was really quite funny, but underneath it all, he seemed very morose. Granted, his whole topic was how depressed everyone is in Minnesota because it is not spring yet (I can relate. If the sun hadn't come out today, I may have sat in a chair and done nothing all day). Other than that, it was an enjoyable evening and I got to spend it with my favorite person so no complaints on my side. If you ever have a chance to turn on the radio some Saturday night, check it out: 5-7 pm KUER-FM 90.1

Completely unrelated. My mom has been posting again (yay!) and for those of you who thought she may have died since she didn't post for over a month, that is not the case. She did have a few computer and child problems, but she is back in business. If interested, click on The Dargans on my side bar (somewhere in the middle, sorry they aren't alphabetical yet).

And lastly, I was not unhappy to see Amanda Overmeyer leave Idol tonight. I could never figure out what people liked about her voice. I am shocked it wasn't Kristi Lee Cook. But her time is coming, she can only hold it off for so long. Oh, and I guess I was also shocked that Carly Smithson was in the bottom three. What?! Sometimes I wonder about American. Then again, maybe I should actually vote sometime.


Raging Stallion said...

"...Where all the women are strong; all the men are good looking; and all the children are—above average."

The man is a mental artist of the caliber of Michaelangelo.

HulseFam said...

I agree with all your Idol comments! I thought Kristi would be gone for sure, but I was done with Amanda! As for Garrison Keillor, Jonny's whole family loves him! We listen to him for hours on road trips, I'll be honest, sometimes I space out through quite a bit, but there is just something about his voice that makes me want to take a nap.... :)

Vieve! said...

I do think that Garrison Keillor's voice is quite nice to listen to.

Sunny said...

I love stuff like this, so thanks for the info!