Friday, March 14, 2008

I'm going to staple it to my forehead.

So perhaps if I staple my camera to my forehead, I will not forget it ALL THE TIME!!
June had her Spring program in pre-school today. She was so cute singing her songs and this time she actually sang (compared to the winter program) because she wasn't feeling sick. But do I have any pictures?? NO!!
It wasn't my fault this time, but since it IS my fault at least half the time, I figure it is a family thing (I mean, who forgot all the underwear when we went swimming?). I went looking for the camera moments before I left. Couldn't find it in the usual spot, so I was hailing Tyler with, "Where's the camera? Do you have it?" He said he had the camera and we were all set to go.
So I was genuinely surprised when I said, "Where's the camera?" (at the event) and he says, "In my pocket, I think." And when he says it's not there, I assume he left it in the car, but NO!! It is on the table at home.
So, even if we had pictures you would just have to take my word that she sang very well. And she said her line perfectly. She asked me the other day where she gets her good memory. I told her she gets it from me, but what I should have said was, 'You stole it from me.' I haven't remembered anything the same way since I had her. At least she puts it to good use. Anyway, it was fun to watch her and see how big she is getting.
As for the camera problem-- Maybe I should take the same approach as I do with my lip-gloss; buy a whole bunch and stash them everywhere. A bit more pricey, but it may be my last resort.


Michelle said...

About the memory thing, one day my dad was very upset with my brother. My brother had done something really stupid. So, my Dad kept asking him where his brain was. My brother quickly responded, Mom and I share brains and I think that she has it, today. That stopped my dad from saying anything else. I think it was that he was trying not to laugh.

Jodi Fairbanks said...

I think my brain went down hill when I had Callie too. I used to be pretty proud of myself and considered myself pretty on top of things. Oh those days are long gone! I can only imagine after three, almost four kids!

Vieve! said...

I do have my camera in my purse all the time, in case something pops up that I'll need it for. It makes the purse heavier, but whatev, getting pictures is totally worth it!