Thursday, December 6, 2012

Turkey—Let's Cook This Bird and the Wrap Up (part 5)

November 22ed 2012

IT IS THANKS-GIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really like that Ivory wrote 22ed. Cute.

Okay, so we need to be wrapping up this Washington trip. I have other things to blog about since time keeps trudging on.

We left off, last post, right before Thanksgiving. Since we are givers, we decided to share our stomach bug with my extended family. And lucky for us, my mom caught it on Wed. afternoon. That meant, she would be down for Thanksgiving. I'll admit that I stalled as long as possible Thursday morning, hoping it was a fluke. I kept looking at the turkey and thinking, "Any second, mom will come downstairs and say she is feeling fine and make dinner." Not that I didn't want to help...I just don't have a lot of experience with large birds, and I didn't want to ruin everyone's Thanksgiving. I prepped other things, like rolls, and pie, but as the morning progressed, it became clear that the turkey wasn't going to cook itself.

Thankfully Tyler stepped in and took care of it. (Whew.) And Mom got enough energy stored to come down later and make stuffing and other yummies. With the three of us, we managed to get it all put together. Granted, Mom still wasn't feeling fantastic by feast time, but she was a trooper and joined us at the table anyway. There sure were a lot of us. (Relatively....a lot for US. I know most of you have larger families.)

I made a coconut cream pie this year, and I think it turned out really well. It seems to be a good light filler pie after turkey and the works.

There were some post dinner activities. Ivory won at Apples to Apples. (She looks quite exultant there on the left.)

And Daisy stepped on a nasty rusty looking tack.

Not wanting to take a child in for emergency shots, we googled it, and found that if your child is up to date on their DTAP vaccination, they are up to date on their tetanus shots. (Another Whew.)

Pearl lounged around for the end of her Thanksgiving day. We caved by then and let her watch some Diego. She was probably in seventh heaven.

And Moxy got lots of turkey scraps. We made sure everyone was well taken care of.

November 23rd 2012

I won Apples to Apples both times I played. Hi.

Ivory's entries are certainly shorter, but she got the essential information in there. Friday was our last day at my parents'. It was too bad, because clearly we all felt at home now. Only truly comfortable people eat with their feet on the table.

I forgot to add one key item to my list of what WA is good for. And at the top of that list is FAMILY!! It was so great to bring my family and see my family.

My mom was injured a little while before we came. She had fallen and hurt her leg. The doctor requested that she keep her leg up as much as possible. So she spent the majority of her time in her room, resting. But that didn't keep us away. You could almost always find someone up on Grandma's bed. She entertained all the children, even Pearl for quite a while. She is such a fabulous lady.

And really, her leg was sad looking. Here is a picture. I had to label, because that is not her knee in the picture.

My sister was also great to see. She also got sick after Thanksgiving, but still came over to say goodbye. I think she enjoyed see all her nieces. It has been two years since our last real visit. I also got to take Miranda out to lunch one afternoon. I love hanging out with her.

And of course, it was great to see my dad and Tim.

They are both characters in their own right. Tim was fabulous as usual with the kids. Grandpa was slightly stressed at the amount of small hands entering his home, but the kids managed to keep the destruction to a minimum.

November 24th 2012

We saw evel-ca-nevel who jumep the hyge canyin.

Saturday morning we left at 4am, trying to get a jump start on the day. It was pretty uneventful, except that Tyler was sick this time, so I did all the driving. (See...more reasons that it takes two. What would I do without him, and he without me??)

Despite feeling less well, Tyler insisted that we still stop and see a roadside attraction. I put it off until later in the day, and we were chasing daylight. Because of bad directions, the sun won, and we had to view our attraction in the dark, but it was still pretty awesome.

We went to see the monument to honor Evel Kinevel who attempted to jump the canyon in Twin Falls. He has a rocket-boosted motorcycle, but his chute malfunctioned and opened early upon take off. So, he drifted down to the bottom and landed near the river. Technically a failure, but his fans loved him just the same.

That canyon was huge. I think it is a mile across. Here is a picture of the bridge we crossed over.

And the monument. Although there is a plaque missing out of the middle.

I have to agree with Tyler that it is good to get out and stretch, and always fun to talk to the kids about something new or interesting. Obviously Sacagawea and Evel Kinevel are very different, but both very awesome.

And then we returned to our lovely home. There is no place like home.

p.s. Look up again at that last picture. It cracks me up that at any given time all my kids are wearing something pink. I sure love my girls.


meganmushrat said...

We loved having you and I only regret that the drive is so long that you can't do it more often. After you left it was so quiet - I kept looking around expecting to see little people scampering around, but nothing. My bed even felt empty. I'd even suffer through another bout of stomach flu if it meant another visit. Your family rocks!

¡Vieve! said...

So fun, and so many activities in such a short time! Glad you guys had a good time.