Monday, July 14, 2014


If only every plan went off without a hitch and every piece of bread landed butter side up. But this is real life and Murphy's law gets the best of all of us every once in a while.

We had just such a day right before the Fourth of July. Wednesday night, Ivory started throwing up. I thought it might be a fluke or something she ate, but she didn't stop going for a while. (Tyler was nice enough to stay up with her.) The next morning was balloons, and you can see from the last post that we went as planned. (Ivory had chosen not to attend anyway.)

We came home from a lovely early morning to see that Ivory was doing a little better. I didn't think she was ready to go gallivanting with the crew to check out the festival in downtown Provo, but I did think she could manage watching some TV on the couch. Tyler was still asleep, so she had some 'supervision'.

And we were off. I was planning on meeting Tricia again at the festival and stroll around a bit. We parked, and found Tricia, and then I got this text.

Tyler: Hey where'd you go? You left me alone with puke child again.

Maleen: We are at Provo festival. Ivory is watching movies. She'll be fine.

Tyler: Ya, except she's puking and diarrhea ing at the same time again.

Maleen: Still?

Tyler: Yes

Maleen: O.

Tyler: This is how I left her st 4.30 this morning!

Maleen: Guess we are coming home.

And that is what we did. We turned around, said goodbye to Tricia, and headed home. (Pretty sure my hopes of Mother-of-the-year were dashed earlier. But if not, this probably finished the job.) We did stop for two seconds to take a picture by the City Center Temple that is coming together nicely. It has a Moroni. (Not sure why Daisy looks so glum. Maybe she didn't want to go home.)

We went home and took care of Ivory. (For the record, she didn't throw up on my watch. Maybe Tyler was making it up.) I also fervently prayed that no one else would catch it because we were leaving THAT night for Idaho and a pretty big vacation.

I did feel bad that our plans had been squashed, so to make up for it, I let the kids watch Pirate Fairy, and I made our treat that was going to be postponed. It was Bananas Foster (minus the rum of course). It was okay. Not my favorite, but tasty as a movie snack.

Ready for a couple spoilers for the trip:

* No one else got sick. Huzzah!! Ivory had to wear a mask in the car so maybe it did the trick.

* In return for having Karma on my side, Murphy caught up to me just tonight as I got out of my car after traveling 39 hours and 2588 miles over the past week and a half. I dropped the camera and the LCD screen broke. Ghastly way to end the trip. Although, it was in a backpack, so I didn't know it was broken for a few hours, so actually it was very nice to come home to my house which was 92 degrees inside. No place like home, I say.

Sorry, that is like reading the end of the book first. There is a whole lot of story in between; can't wait.

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Emma Jo said...

Barf is the worst. But I am excited to hear about your trip. I love a good family vacation...someday I will get around to blogging about ours that we just got home from. PS I like a little spoiler every now and again, especially when it puts my mind at ease about kids and barfing and car trips.