Friday, July 18, 2014

The Mini Golf (a.k.a. Just Like Old Times)

Growing up we went to the same miniature golf course all the time. It had four different courses, and when you finished, everyone got a ribbon. There were four people in my family, and I always got the fourth place ribbon. (It was white.) I coveted the blue, first place, ribbon. But my parents are pretty good at miniature golf, and they don't let kids win to spare their feelings. I had to earn my ribbon. I remember when I finally got a yellow, third place, ribbon. Finally something besides white!! But it wasn't good enough.

I worked hard for my red and blue ribbons, and they both came in time. Eventually, it was a toss up who would win since we were all pretty good. But I have always loved mini golf and am still pretty competitive.

I have never found another place that gives out ribbons like Parkland Putters. (They even give out a trophy if you make the final hole-in-one.) I thought it would be fun to take the kids and let them live some of my childhood memories. Grandpa said he was very busy, but I told him it wouldn't be the same without him. He grudgingly agreed to come.

Here is the layout. We chose the easiest course for the kids. (Regret...the other courses are more fun. More water and sand traps.)

We are still a large group, so we split up teams again. Robyn and June were team captains and they chose their teammates. Here is Robyn's group.

And June's.

I remembered there being trees, but there was still a lot of course in the sun. It was not too bad really, but I was getting over a sunburn from Yellowstone. (I thought Tyler had sunscreened my arms but he hadn't. Sunscreen fail, yet again.)

So I found shade wherever I could.

On the back half of the course, Grandpa and I climbed to the top of a mini hill. I'm pointing at him, because he was ahead by a few points, and I was pretty sure he was going to win.

Pearl did fantastic. She let us help at first, but then she wanted to do it by herself. She wasn't half bad.

Tyler was there too. (From his absence you can tell he had the camera most of the time.) He's so handsome.

We had a really fun time. I think Grandpa was glad that he went after all; he won!! I still got my red ribbon, but I had to share with Tyler -- we tied. Grandma got a blue ribbon on her team. Good job everyone.

And some silliness.

I love my family. It was really fun to play with them. Even without winning a blue ribbon. (Personally, I like the color red more.)

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meganmushrat said...

Didn't you say this was one of the very few pictures you've seen of me where I'm smiling? Even if it is a fake smile!