Tuesday, December 23, 2014

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Christmas Program that is...

Tis the season for cute kids dressed in fun accessories singing merry songs. We have a child in first grade and that means the annual First Grade Christmas Program. (This is one of my favorites.) In the past, we have had a doll, reindeer, and tree. Other options include elves, snowmen, and Santa. (Although Santa is usually all boys. I say all boys, but there was one girl this year.) The die was cast and Daisy's lot fell in with...

...the elves. And what a cute little elf, if I do say so myself. It seems very fitting because Daisy has this bend in her ear and sometimes I call it her little elf ear, although really, it isn't pointed. It looks more like a troll ear, but that isn't cute to tell your child.

That is one sad little elf next to her. In fact, the little girl in the white sweater left before the performance started and never came back up. Poor thing. I wonder if she had stage fright. It is something I could easily see Daisy having problems with just a year or so back. But Daisy is fantastic now. In fact, all of Santa's helpers look ready to go.

The first grade class is huge at Daisy's school. I believe there are six classrooms. It makes for quite a full stage.

Daisy had the prestigious job of being one of the bell ringers later in the performance. As far as I can tell they are distributed randomly throughout the pack, but none of our kids have got them before. Way to be first at something Dais!

Such a fun age and such a fun program.

Earlier in the day, (yes, same day) we were at Pearl's Christmas Program. It was a little less intense considering there were only 20 or so kids. Pearl started off with a reindeer nose.

But I think it was bothering her so she switched it out for the weird Christmas lights headband. She did her part excellently. She had it all memorized beforehand. "As I drew in my head, I was turning around, down the chimney St. Nicolas came with a bound." I'm not sure she would be a Cazier without some shirt rolling during the performance. Daisy had it down when she was in preschool.

Now for the close-up of light-head.

Santa came again! Still the same jolly Santa. Still LOVE his belt. (You can see it better back in the Daisy post.) Pearl seemed to take a liking to him.

She yakked his ear off about how good she has been and what she wanted for Christmas.

Then we got a photo of her with her buddy, Miss Tasia.

As we were leaving, Pearl gave me a brief tour of her classroom. My favorite part by far was the science station where the fish lives. Pearl said, "This is our fish. He used to be orange, but he changed to blue!" (Hahaha. Sounds like a fish died and it was easier to tell the kids that he magically changed color. Funny, I thought it was the science station, not the fantasy station.)

I hope you enjoyed these abbreviated programs. You were able to avoid all the crowds. You are welcome. Just another service I offer during this Christmas season.

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meganmushrat said...

It's been a long time since I went to a school Christmas program. I don't think they have them in High School, and even if they did I can't see Tim participating. It's funny how much he liked "Scrooge" since he is such a misogynist himself.