Friday, December 12, 2014

It's Beginning to Feel....

According to the Muppets, the greatest gifts in life are children, ice cream, and that order. (I'm surprised bacon didn't make the list.) I pretty much agree with them.

And children make the holidays better. The magic is for them. The magic comes from them.

After Thanksgiving, we got the tree out. The Christmas spirit was soaking into the kids quickly. They got out paper and frantically started coloring and drawing. (They are so cute and creative.) The Christmas pictures were rolling in.

I made them all get dressed for church before we put ornaments on the tree. We had a great system of lining up and distributing said ornaments. The rule is no fighting over which ornament you put on the tree. You just get what comes up next. And the girls are great about it. Even when Daisy got 8 or 9 weird santas in a row. No complaints.

The man of the house got to put on the star this year.

The evening was filled with music and laughter. And even some dancing.

Although the holidays can be stressful, some moments make it all worth it. I hope these are the moments the kids remember.

In other news, along with these pictures I found this picture of Robyn holding a large candy bar. Can I remember why she earned it? No. Was it important? Probably. Good job Robyn.

And around Thanksgiving, June passed the term for having to keep her original earrings in. Now she sports whatever she would like. It is like she passed some sort of rite of passage. (And no infections--which isn't surprising considering how OCD she was about cleaning her ears.)

I think we are about ready for a picture dump from my phone. That might be next on the list...

p.s. Robyn just informed me that she got the candy bar because she made the best 'Wordle' in the class. I can't even explain what that is. Just know that she is the best. Ahem....I mean, she made the best one. :)

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meganmushrat said...

You are creating magical moments in your children's lives that they will remember (wistfully) no matter how long they live. I am just lucky that I have such magical moments in my childhood that I can recall.