Monday, December 22, 2014

Sugar Cookies

Some traditions take a bit more efforts than others. I have done sugar cookies before and I'm glad to say that many years ago I gave up the perfection of sugar cookies. Some years I didn't get around to it considering the work and business of the season, and I still hadn't found the perfect recipe. Well this year, I didn't have many excuses, and I found a recipe that is pretty close to perfect. (Although I had to double the batch.)

Sprinkles, frosting, cookies, creativity. What isn't there to love? (Well, the clean up obviously, but let's not focus on that.) Let's look at some of our cookie moments.

The only person I helped at all was Pearl. Sometimes I would finish frosting a cookie for her, but many times she did fine by herself.

The girls can get pretty detailed with their creations.

Even Dad came down for the second batch. We always love having him join us for any activity.


Here is the first batch when we didn't have blue and yellow frosting yet.

The little pearl beads are popular, but they don't taste very good. (In my opinion.) But everyone else seemed to like them. (Even Moxy was finding them on the floor and crunching them up.) Here is my Pearl with a pearl.

Finally all done. Christmas sugar cookies....big check!

If you keep the cookies in an air tight container, I think they are best a couple days later. Just make sure you scrape off any pearl beads. (Or better yet, don't put any on in the first place.)

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meganmushrat said...

Found a good gluten-free sugar cookie recipe yet? Man, those cookies look yummy (although I don't like the little pearls either, except to look at.)