Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Supreme Randomness

It is time for a good purge. That means finding all the random pictures that don't really have a home and putting them all together. It makes for a scattered post, but that is how my brain runs most of these days anyway.

Ready? Good.

When I was a kid, I remember curling up next to the heater vent. I have great memories of fighting for real estate space with Betsy (the dog) and sometimes leaving my feet against the metal vent until they were overly-toasted. It is good to see that heater hunkering is still a common pastime. In the winter I find kids on the heater vents all over the house. I only have a couple pictures, but trust me that even the older kids are found curled up over a warm rectangle.

I guess warmth is a hot commodity (ha ha) around here on the chilly days. It may look like the kids are trying to strangle me here, but really they are just putting their cold hands on me and trying to steal my heat. Evil children.

Robyn and Mom Selfie

Pearl made a turkey in preschool. I admit, it is a bit of a stretch, but maybe if you look at the picture upsidedown, it will look more like a turkey?

Daisy and I went on a date WAY back in October. The kids love Menchie's. Eh...not my favorite, but I love the kids, so it translates well.

I was dropping off Ivory at gymnastics one day and we saw this guy a little ways off who was golfing in the brush and being followed by a flock of turkeys. June took a dozen pictures. She thought it was so cool. I wasn't really sure what to think, but if he doesn't fit in a random post, I don't know who does.

Pearl and Mom Selfie

We get a family ornament for the tree each year. We take turns picking it. Last year Pearl chose this one. (With a LOT of help from mom. i.e. I think I picked it out and then claimed Pearl helped. Shh...don't tell.)

This year is Dad's pick. He hasn't gotten one yet, but if I could choose, I'd go for something like this...since two kids joined the ranks of glasses wearers. We'll see what he ultimately decides...

Eddy continues to hide around the house this year. June told me 'Eddy' is one of her favorite Christmas traditions. I just feel bad when Eddy falls asleep and forgets to move. Then I have to help him. But he usually is on the ball. He has been quite sneaky this year. Ask the kids about the 'bell.'

What would you say is on Pearl's plate there? Lima beans? Edamame? Nope. They are Caramel Apple Sugar Babies. (These are new to me.) She called them Sugar Plums. And since I've never even had a sugar plum, I won't argue with her. (I think I would like sugar plums. I really like plums...)

Mom Selfie

It is nice to have the basement this year. It seems to have become the wrapping station. All the gifts are kept down there in the storage room, and the kids have dutifully steered clear after I told them how Grandma Dargan lost some gifts when she saw them. NO one wants to see their presents early.

Ivory found a cozy spot one day while doing laundry. I like her creativity in creating a desk.

My kids don't play with dolls very often. It did make me laugh when they came down with their dolls 'dressed' up. The one with purple hair is missing a leg. They gave her a tuft of colored hair for a leg and they named her Hippity Hoppity. Then they dressed up her leg. (I can't remember what they named the leg.) It makes me smile since Miranda and I played with a lot of Barbies and destroyed many of them, but still loved them just the same. (Ah....good times Princess Anita.)

There you go. I think that is quite enough randomness for one post. I'm not sure if it put you in the Christmas spirit, or if that was even the point, but enjoy your day either way. One week until Christmas Eve.

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meganmushrat said...

I really enjoyed the random pictures. I'm a bit surprised you remembered the story about me losing presents because I looked at them ahead of time. I think I was 5 at the time - and I've never forgotten it!