Friday, March 20, 2015

Stealing Homework

I see a lot of school assignments come and go around here. Today, I saw an assignment still on the computer, probably printed out in a mad rush before heading to school. I read it and loved it. I thought I would share it with you.

I am From...
By June Cazier

I am from Foursquare.
I am from FHE.
From jamming that pen down my throat.
I am from a warm cosy house where people love me.
From Midgard, and Carnegie Hall, from Atlantis and the Parlor.
I am from my secret closet, with a pull-string light and a broken door.

I am from taking pictures of flowers.
Because I couldn’t think of anything else to photograph.
From baby-sitting and wondering why I even thought
Watching kids was a good idea.

From being called Jitterbug.
From being called Junebug and June Foose and Juniper.
Cross Stitching during General Conference.
Drawing with chalk ‘til the sidewalk is full.
I am from these moments.

I am from Crack-Offs and F├ęte Day.
From eating pie on PI Day,
From riding the Grom.
From biting my nails and staying up late.

I am from Foot, my bear.
From car keys under the swing.
From Splash Mountain at Disneyland.

I am from food. Key lime yogurt. Spaghetti.
I am from eating all the time.
From asking for more food,
And being called the Bottomless Pit.

The time when I ate eight cupcakes
School projects that I didn’t want to do.
I am from these moments.

I am from pretty rocks and shiny shells
That smile when I pick them up and cheer when I add them to my collection.

From teasing my sisters, then playing with them.
From playing Zoobles for hours.
From winding the Grandfather clock.
And playing board games until no one else wants to play.

I am from a new pink bike and a bright red desk always covered with stuff.
From being messy, but making my bed.

I am from going to church every Sunday, and school all the other days.
From being taught by my teachers and friends.

I am from road trips and seeing new things.
I am from listening to guidance, then doing my own thing.
From stories Mom and Dad have told me,
Stories I wish I could tell.

I am from memories that make me myself.


I am constantly amazed by the individuals that my children are. I claim them all, but they have their own personality and style. They are built piece by piece by their internal genius and the interactions around them.

I hope I add something beneficial for them.

I hope I leave a positive mark.

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meganmushrat said...

Wow - I am totally impressed. I think she is going to outshine me in the creativity category. If you ever put together a book of Remembrance for June, this needs to be in it (along with her 'Friends' that has taken her to State level).