Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Top O' the Morning to Ye

Hope you are wearing green today, although the thought of pinching someone just because they forgot something (or didn't care) seems silly to me. If we really pinched people for poor memory, I would be sore from head to toe.

Regardless, it feels good to be blogging today. Last week was a mess of throw-up, late nights, and one sick little Pearl. (Thanks March. I thought we were on good terms...) I don't know what it is about illness, but not a lot gets done. This week, I plan to be more productive.

Starting with a fabulous post full of golden coins stuck to foreheads. You guessed it. It must be St. Patrick's Day! Seamus (our resident leprechaun) has not shown a whisker or the tip of his pipe around here. (Actually, I'm assuming he doesn't smoke since I never smell it.) I never get too worried about him. Some years, he bombards us with puzzles and the like, and other years, we don't hear from him until we deliver the gold.

But we never miss getting out our gold coins and filling a pot of gold for Seamus McDermott. We have been doing this as long as I have been blogging. We rushed through dinner last night so we would still have light outside to take pictures. This is an important picture-taking tradition. It was fun to look back at the blog with Pearl and show her every year where she had a coin on her head, including when she was as fresh as dewdrops at dawn.

Check us out this year.

We dropped the coins from our foreheads into the pot again. It was quite funny since June couldn't get her coin off her head. She sat over the pot and made plenty of faces waiting for the trinket to detach.

Ivory didn't want to miss the pot. Tyler said she looked like she was throwing up instead of depositing a coin. (No more of that, thank you.)

Pearl gave Daisy a good bonk on the head to dislodge her coin. Seemed to do the trick.

The girls wrote cute notes for Seamus.

Robyn -
Seamus, You are awesome! All your green...! You know? That's my favorite color! Green forever! WITH A HINT OF YELLOW! I hope you enjoy this years St. Pattricks day. I hope haven't left us. I enjoy, lovingly your small, joyous, company.
Love, Robyn the Pattrick

June -
Sheamus, Happy St. Patrick's Day! Add these coins to your stache of gold, and wish for no rainbows. Wear green and wish us luck for the next year!
p.s. Sorry I spelled your name wrong.
p.p.s. Leave me a code. I love those the most!
Love, June

Ivory -
To: Shamus You are great! Pearl said in our prayer that you should replace our coins with candy! You really should!
From Ivory E. Cazier Your favorite!

Seamus was ever so obliging. Our coins were replaced with candy.

And there was a code.

The girls made short work of it. The solution is below. If you really want to solve the puzzle on your own, go ahead.

For those of you who don't, it says:

Me appetite fer gold be fed
For ye there is a puzzle instead
The monsters be gone
Thanks to yer leprechaun
It is safe to look under yer bed

The girls did just that and found another small treasure.

I think it has been a good day. And don't hate me for taking everything down tonight and decorating for Easter. It is right around the corner. But know that I have a soft spot for the Irish and their traditions that have been slightly warped here in America. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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meganmushrat said...

I was amused when I picked Tim up from Seminary to find he had little shamrock stickers plastered all over him. We had our traditional corned beef and cabbage dinner Monday night (since I work on Tuesday nights), and it was just as good as usual. Remind the girls that they have genuine Kelly blood in them - not to mention the Dargan blood, which is also Irish. Top of the morning to ye!