Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Last Three Ladies

Everyone has had a chance to go to Idaho to say goodbye to Grandpa. It has been a great experience to have some individual, personal time with him. I believe it is a tender mercy in the midst of a lot of heartache.

June's week was fun for her, even though she jammed her finger. You might notice a brace on her finger in some of the photos.

I think she was in heaven. This is probably the perfect day for June. A book and some snacks nearby. Sheer bliss.

Of course Tyler took Wallace and they did some riding.

In the evenings, Grandpa likes to watch Super Cross. Everyone went downstairs to enjoy the fun. On one side, there is Barry.

On the other, we have all the J's. (June, Jami, and J.R.)

June had her talk with Grandpa. She will likely miss him the most, since she is the oldest. But all the kids have fond memories of him.

I like this picture. It just reminds me of how comfortable it is in the Cazier home. I love the pictures on the wall, the dogs on your lap, and the love that is always there.

Tyler is well acquainted with the drive to Idaho now. On the trip, we always pass a field with a large bull. Tyler was supposed to ride a bull for a friend in Texas. In lieu of an actual bull, he keeps telling me he is going to jump on this bull on the side of the freeway. Naturally, I have never allowed this.

So, of course he waits until he takes June. Look at this picture. See all the barbed wire. I think that means KEEP OUT.

But does that stop them? NO. That bull is bigger than he looks.

Tyler didn't have a chance to climb aboard. His conquest was larger than life. But this picture still made his Texas friend happy.

Daisy was the next and last daughter to go. By now, Grandpa's stint should have been giving out, but he was still doing well. All the kids got to see him with his same sense of humor and personality.

The Grom still came too.

Here you can see Daisy with the Grom as her fellow passenger. Who says car trips with Dad aren't fun?

Grandma kept Daisy busy in Idaho. She put her to work watering the plants. She dutifully waters here with her new watering can.

My little sleeping beauty.

I think this is a great picture of Daisy and Grandpa, even with Tyler's finger.

All the kids had now had a chance to say goodbye to Grandpa, and I figured it was my turn. That gets a little tricky when both parents want to take a trip, but five kids are left behind. Luckily, we have the best neighbors EVER. They took all the kids, including one little Pearl who was throwing up right up until the day we left. (She did not throw up for the neighbors, thank goodness.)

Tyler and I were able to travel to Idaho together, even stopping up at Primary Children's to visit Hinckley. (We missed him because of getting there past his bedtime, but we still visited with Kat, Kolby and the other boys.)

It was really nice to spend time in Idaho. Barry has a pretty good routine going. From the front room, I LOVE that he has a pair of binoculars to keep tabs on the goings-on outside.

He let me check out the view.

Don't think Nosy Neighbor. Barry isn't one to gossip, but he likes to keep in touch with his surrounding.

There was Grom riding as usual. Tyler really enjoys his rides with his Dad. (He enjoys all the rides actually. One of our chores last Saturday, was that everyone had to take a ride on the Grom with Dad.)

My talk with Barry was very special. He was able to bear his testimony of the Savior. Barry has always been such an inspiration in my life. He has great integrity and shows his dedication to the Lord in all he does. I got to hear more about his experience after his diagnosis. I mentioned before that he was going to be called as Stake President. Well, the story is a little different.

They meet with many bishops and branch presidents. Each man is allotted a small window, I think Barry said about 11 minutes, in which the general authority is able to speak with them. All these men are worthy and they interview them and let the spirit guide as they chose between them for the next Stake President.

In Barry's case, he told them right away about his diagnosis, and the General Authority spent the next 45 minutes or so counseling with him and giving him a blessing. How special that he was able to see the need to rearrange an obviously tight schedule to spend time with a man very deserving of the Lord's attention at this time in his life.

Barry continues to serve faithfully as Branch President. I know this must be hard for him, with his pain levels and exhaustion from simple activities, but he is a stalwart example of enduring to the end.

I really admire and love my father-in-law. He is a great man.

And I thank him for making time to spend with each of us. What a blessing.

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meganmushrat said...

I envy you the chance to get to know this spiritual giant better. I wish I could have spent more time getting to know him. He has been handling this a lot better than I would have.