Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Sweet Goodbyes

It has been so nice for Tyler to take a daughter up to visit Grandpa each weekend. It is special time for them to speak with him one on one and get advice and make last requests. Their requests are simple. Often it is simply having their name written on their forehead one last time.

Robyn was our second child to go. (There wasn't any particular order...just whatever worked out the best that particular weekend.) She went up on a fun weekend when a new toy was introduced. Check out Grandpa's new ride.

It is called a Grom. Honda makes it. It is a smaller than your average bike. It only goes up to around 55 mph, so no freeway driving please. (Thank goodness.) I think Barry looks great on it. Nice and bright.

It was a beautiful weekend and everyone was enjoying the nice weather.

With an occasional ride here and there.

Take a quick look back up there. Jami is sitting in the chair to the left. She announced a new addition that weekend. (Lots of exciting stuff the weekend Robyn visited.) J.R. and Jami skyped those of us back in UT so we could share in the good news. We are so excited for their family!!

Tyler has told me that the pace is a bit slower in Idaho. They sleep in and relax quite a bit, just like they should.

Robyn got one more picture in the morning. Both looking sharp and ready for church.

Fast forward one week and Ivory had a birthday followed by a very late drive up to Idaho with Pearl. Tyler said the roads were not so great. Lots of snow and patches of thick fog. (Obviously not so bad that he couldn't take pictures while driving.)

But they arrived safely. One of the fun things about going to Idaho is running into other family. Rozz was visiting this weekend and Pearl got to do some cousin bonding. They look pretty cute in their gear. (Yes, more Grom riding.)

Pearl loved all the attention. It was funny though because she was recovering from an ear infection and her hearing was pretty bad. Even Grandpa commented on how often Pearl would say, "What?"

These pictures make me especially sad. Of all the children, Pearl will have the least memories of Grandpa. Most of her memories will come from pictures instead of experiences. I'm so glad she had this time to spend with him now.

Tyler sent me this picture of sleeping beauty. I sent him one of Daisy (my sickie). Sleeping children are so precious.

There was one who was not sad to see Pearl leave on Sunday. Pip had had ENOUGH of Pearl. Miss P followed that dog around all weekend and kept her hopping. This picture alone shows me that Pipsqueak has loads of patience. (Gizmo is on the chair. Pip is IN the helmet.)

It is also possible Pearl tried to give Pip a bath and ended up leaving her in the tub. (Only an inch of water) Pip let everyone know her displeasure and she probably breathed a sigh of relief as Pearl headed back to Utah.

I hear ya Pip. Pearl can be a handful, but she sure is loving.

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meganmushrat said...

Seems like I'm the only one commenting on your blogs these days. Such bittersweet memories these pictures will bring. How wonderful that each child is having some one-on-one time with their Grandpa. And such exciting news for JR and Jamie! When is she due?