Friday, February 27, 2015

February, My Old Nemesis

I have mentioned before that February and I don't get along. This year was no different. January was smooth sailing and on Feb. 1st Robyn got sick. It is like we step over an invisible line into a contaminated zone.

Stupid bio-hazardous February.

It is kind of par for the course, but this month it was more annoying since we are trying to stay well so a weekly visit to Grandpa doesn't bring germy stowaways. Our choice of which girl goes to Idaho often tips in someone's favor because they aren't coughing, etc.

Daisy got a small cough shortly into the month, and Pearl showed up everyone with a stuffy nose that turned into a double ear infection. She really had a rough week or so.

But it worked well for her, since she got antibiotics and got to go to Idaho last weekend. It was going to be June's turn, and then we thought Daisy, and after ice skating, we settled on Pearl. Good choice since Daisy woke up the next morning and threw up. Another victim to February...

Tyler has been just fine though and as we rotate through, three of the five girls have gone up to Idaho. The fourth goes tonight. (I have more pictures of those trips to put on here soon.)

So, although February is doing its normal thing, it hasn't slowed us down much. And truthfully, it is not like this has been a normal winter month. It has been gorgeous outside. So many warm, spring-like days. Pearl and I have been taking advantage of the nice weather.

Moxy probably likes the sun more than any of us. (Poor CA dog transplanted to UT. She has mostly gotten used to it.)

Before Pearl got sick, she had her spotlight at school. We made an awesome poster for her.

Fun facts that you might not be able to read:

* Pearl got her middle name from her Grandma Cazier
* Pearl has four sisters--she is the youngest
* She wants to be a doctor
* Nicknames: Peapod, Pearly-P, Pearlite, 'P'
* Favorite animal: Butterfly
* Favorite holiday: Valentine's Day (possibly because it was the next one coming up)
* Doesn't like: mosquitoes, sharing a room, soup, winter/being cold
* Favorite Food: Pizza
* She is the only blonde in the family

(By the way, all the cute little pictures were drawn by Robyn, since our printer wasn't working that day. Handy to have artists in the family!)

Pearl seems to really enjoy school. I think it is good for her to get away from boring mommy at least a couple times a week.

February, it has been fun. Don't feel like you did badly. Three kids sick, one who wasn't sure for a while, one jammed finger, one hurt knee, one sore wrist, and one beautifully horrendous bruise. I think you can chalk up 2015 as a success. Don't let the door hit you on the way out!

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meganmushrat said...

Lucky thing for you that February is a short month!