Friday, February 13, 2015

You Make My Heart Pop

Time keeps slipping away from me. Especially when there are so many things to keep track of and remember. This week there were plenty of regular things on my to-do list, not to mention 130+ Valentines that I needed to get/make for the kids. I usually get items and have the monkeys put them together. Last year, they did a great job.

This year, I swung back toward candy-free valentines. ("Unpredictable!" -As Vector says in Despicable Me) But these were super easy and the kids put them together in a snap. (It helps that Dad printed and cut them at work. What a stud!)

I used some decorative tape, which was fun, but not as sticky as it could have been. However, since the goal is to eventually take the balloons off, I figured it would do. The girls packed them up and had them ready to go a day early. (Teachers, you are welcome in advance for all the balloons that will be floating around your classrooms.)

We had some extra balloons on our end, and it has been fun for the girls to play with them.

Pearl especially has been be-bopping them all around the house.

Tyler and I are going to have a pretty quiet Valentine's Day. He is using the weekends to go visit his father and take one girl at a time to visit with Grandpa. Last week Ivory was the first to say 'goodbye.'

I think it is special that they have time to spend with him one on one. I know Barry is going through a lot and I can't imagine his daily battles, but I think he is a hero for loving his grandchildren and making them feel special.

Since I knew Tyler would be gone, I made him some salsa to take with him.

*If you can't read the little card, it says, "You and Me. We are like chips and salsa. Perfect together!"

We ate some last night and it sure stayed with me. Even after brushing, I woke up with some killer breath. I may need to experiment and try different amounts of onion or garlic. (Whew.)

I hope you all enjoy your weekend. Squeeze on someone you love.

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meganmushrat said...

Makes my heart break to think of the girls saying goodbye to their grandfather. Poor Barry - he looks so much older. I almost didn't recognize him. I will totally understand if you can't come visit in April. Great idea for the valentines!