Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Hanging with the Blooders

Our area has an annual blood drive. (I say annual because someone told me that, but when I looked back at the blog, it is more like semi-annual.) Regardless, I think it is important to give blood if one is able.

June was my tag-along last time, but this time I took Ivory. (Good to introduce the kids to new situations.) Ivory was quite a fun buddy. She would ask genuine probing questions as we sat waiting for our turn. Eventually, it was my turn in the chair and Ivory was all eyes and ears.

I told her stories about Grandma Dargan being a great phlebotomist. Ivory watched the needle in my arm and said it probably hurt. She watched my blood filling up the bag. She wished she could take a picture. Why not?

And for all you non-squeamish people, here is my bag o' blood. (For you squeamish people...sorry, that wasn't much warning.)

I showed her how to work the camera so she could take a selfie. (Never too young for selfies.)

Tyler joined us somewhere in there. Ivory was perfectly happy to stay to watch Dad face the needle as well. She said she thought he might cry. I told her that I hadn't cried, but she said Dad wasn't as tough as I was.

Spoiler: He didn't cry either.

But when he came home, he did say that Ivory said that maybe someday she would give up gymnastics to become a blooder.

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meganmushrat said...

Thank goodness my 'great phlebotomist' days are in the past. Now that you have to wear gloves for everything, it would be more difficult to feel out those delicate little veins. Must say, though, that I never thought of myself as a 'blooder'. Vampire, maybe.