Friday, February 6, 2015

Twelve Days

I'm having a bit of guilt over some Christmas posts that have not made it on here. February is a bit late in my opinion.

But it was because of a video people. Technology and I just don't get along like we should. But I did get it all figured out on my own. (Tyler had to send me the video as well. It would have been faster if it were on my phone in the first place. Yes...lame excuses.)

Every year the Scoresby's throw a most excellent Christmas party. I don't often blog about it because I can't adequately express the enormous amounts of fun we have with just words. Sounds dumb, but it is true. We have been going for almost a decade. I did post one year about it.

There is always an intro game before we get down the serious business of the Oldy-wed game and the white elephant gift exchange. This year Keri had us act out the twelve days of Christmas, and Tyler did some recording at the end. (My favorite part is Oz, who is French and just happened to draw '3 French Hens.' His part is classic.)

Tyler and I quizzed each other beforehand for the Oldy-wed game. Epic fail. There were questions that we discussed and missed anyway. Note to self...just go with it.

We scored big-time in the exchange though. It is possible to go home with two quirky gifts. (Interpretation - garage sale rejects.) This time however we drew high numbers and came home with two good gifts. It almost makes up for our epic fail.


It makes me all excited for December again. It is only 10 months away.

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