Saturday, February 14, 2015


I am checking off the last item on that list I made a week month ago. This post is definitely from back in the day, (November) but at least it isn't about Christmas....

Instead, I bring you a peek into one of our family home evening treats. We take FHE treat very seriously. Everyone has a turn picking what we make and that is the coveted turn on the FHE board. Tyler chose sangrias on his night.

You can bet that we were making our own special version since wine was not on our ingredient list. (I looked up Sangria and it is wine with fruit pieces and maybe a sweetener.) We started with our sweetener. Sprite.

Next up...the fruit. But we didn't use pieces of fruit. We pureed our own blend. And added it in.

Finally, the whipped cream. Whipped cream?? What the...soda and dairy? Not my first choice. (And for the record, none of the pictures of Sangria that I have seen come with whipped cream.) But this is the man's creation. We let him do what he likes on his treat day.

No one complained. They seemed to be a hit. 

I managed to choke one down.

The 'cakes' liked hers just fine.

Cheers, says Robyn.

On my search for the sangria pictures, I stumbled across a few more that should be posted. First, a rare shot of book group. (I think Tyler was walking through and snapped one.)

Also, Ivory decided that she wanted to make me breakfast on Christmas Eve. (The morning of Christmas Eve, not the eve of Christmas Eve. Darnit...another Christmas post. Seriously....this is the last one.) Anyway, she had it all planned out. She got up early with Tyler and made a card and put together the tray just right.

Then she brought me breakfast in bed. (No, I don't like breakfast in bed, almost as much as I don't like having pictures taken of me in the morning, but sometimes we sacrifice for our children.)

She did such a cute job on everything. I went for the toast first. She had made me special cinnamon toast.

Except...we have a container of salt that looks exactly like cinnamon. Can you guess what she put on the toast?

Yep. Salt. 

Salty toast.

Oh man.

It was terrible. 

Funniest thing ever. I choked down my bite (literally this time) and she was such a trooper about it. I could see the little tears welling up in her eyes. I said, "Don't cry Ivory. I love that you made the special effort to make me breakfast and I'm NEVER going to forget this breakfast. Ever. It will be a great story for a long time."

Sure enough, just today she was making a joke about cinnamon toast. Come to think about it, I still haven't labeled those containers. Maybe I have a secret wish that someone else can try salty toast. It really is an experience.


meganmushrat said...

I just love it when you make spelling mistakes in your posts! Peak is the stop of a mountain. Peek is what you do when you look at something in a secretive manner. Be sure to tell the kids about the April Fool's joke I played on Grampaul when I made him a cup of coffee and put salt in it instead of sugar. I'm sure that first sip was horrible!

meganmushrat said...

Oops - made a spelling mistake myself. Peak is the TOP of a mountain, not a STOP of a mountain. Ah, how the mighty are fallen.

Maleen said...

At least now I know where I get it. :)

meganmushrat said...

Well, I'd like to point out that there is a difference from making a simple typing error and misspelling a word! But keep making these little mistakes because they warm the cockles o' me heart.