Saturday, February 6, 2010

February—5, Caziers—0

I like February. It is a short month, so it goes quickly. There is Valentine's Day which is a fun holiday if you don't overdo it. Ivory has her birthday this month (and perhaps Pearl). There are lots of things to like about February...except that we ALWAYS get sick.

I guess 'we' is a relative term. Someone always gets sick. Ivory has been sick on her last three birthdays. (Which is really sad since she is turning four this year.) Our family just can't make it through a February without some illness taking hold.

January passed with nary a problem in our house this year. Daisy had a slight cough, but it was only in the mornings and it passed on its own without much hullabaloo. Then, February 1st hits. Vomit and diarrhea descend upon the house, followed by a nasty cough and an bonus urinary tract infection. (Our first, lucky us.) I don't know what we did to you February, but we take it back.

Not everyone was affected. Luckily yours truly has not been under the weather at all. I attribute this blessing to the fact that I am already in plenty of discomfort and February must have taken that into account. (Fat lady already miserable—check...might as well leave her alone this year.)

Now I just have my fingers crossed that we have done our time for the month. Now I can really buckle down and get ready for this baby. Heather commented on my last post that I was probably busy getting ready for the baby. Um...yeah, I guess I should be doing that, huh? I read back through my old blogs and six weeks before Daisy I had a list on which I was working diligently. This time around...not so much. I really should get my act in gear because she will be here before I know it. (Once again, February is not a long month.)

I am just finding it hard to get motivated. Friday, the kids were out of school and it would have been an excellent day to get projects done. Instead, I just watched them play. Their latest endeavors involve lava...and lots of it. They walk around with force fields (i.e. hula hoops) that protect them from the lava, and then they even dress up as different colors to thwart the lava.

I give you GREEN GIRL: Her powers include something or other about being green and the lava doesn't like it. Dang, I should have written this post while June was still awake. She would know why she was green.

BLUE BLASTO: She is dressed as blue to imitate water. (Which is lava's arch nemesis.)

PINKALICIOUS: Her secret identity is California (also know as Pink Lemonade in our house (that's another post)). Apparently lava does not like any variety of lemonade?

And finally the RED DEVIL: Her powers include being sucked into this game at the last minute and not enjoying being stuffed into a red dress that was too small for her. I should have put the cranky picture in because it took me a lifetime to get her to smile. Such is life as the youngest.

And so together they have thwarted lava once again.

You can see why it was more entertaining to watch them than, to say, find the car seat and clean it out for the new baby. Okay, week I will buckle down. Wait, I'm too busy next week. How about the week after...


Janelle said...

I guess that's the difference between boys and girls. We play monster and lava and fighting and all sorts of things, too, but NEVER have coordinating outfits to go with. So cute. Hope your sickless-wish comes true! Good luck!

Emma Jo said...

My kids have no imagination at all...I love the colors and your adorable, creative girls!

meganmushrat said...

I wore all purple to work last night, so I was thinking I could be the PURPLE PERIL who pulverizes and pounds pumice. Or how about the VIOLET VICTOR who violates volcanos? Actually, I was reminded of the games that you and Miranda used to play. Tim and I played a lot of games as kids too, but never with the outfits. By the way, are those their favorite colors? (Except Daisy, of course, who is probably too young to have one). If you keep having girls, you're going to run out of colors! Hugs & kisses, Mom

Shawn, Ashlee and Addison said...

With 4 kids and one on the way no one can blame you for being one busy mom! I'm in awe of you. You get credit for making it through one day to the next with a smile on your face!

Sharona said...

Your rainbow girls look adorable. I don't know how you do it and I"m sure you're as ready as a mom of 4 girls already is to get Pearl here. Relax, there will be plenty of time to find the carseat - isn't that what husbands are for? ;)