Monday, February 22, 2010

Hello Ivory

Ivory had a great birthday this year. She is four! She is a little spitfire that keeps life interesting. She has more personality than she quite knows what to do with. Of all my children, I think I would pause Ivory at this stage in life because she is so cute with her antics, but as usual, I don't have a say in the matter. They just keep getting older.

She woke up to find Birthday Bear on her bed, and that made it official.

(It is often hard to tell when your birthday finally arrives, so Birthday Bear is always a sure sign that today is the day.) After breakfast she pleaded to open gifts and although I am normally an evening-cake-and-presents type of mom, I relented because I just couldn't think of a good reason to postpone. She was thrilled with everything and if you can't tell by the end of this post, we ended up with a theme.

She had already planned to go to Build-a-Bear and make a Hello Kitty friend, so when I took the girls shopping for Ivory gifts, we all seemed to get Hello Kitty purchases. Ivory didn't mind in the least and one of the great things about her is that she is so polite. She thanked everyone numerous times for her gifts. Even when I came home later with a Hello Kitty balloon she was so polite, "Mom, thanks for getting me a Hello Kitty balloon!" (It is hard not to adore her when she is in a good mood. Likewise, it is hard not to beat the tar out of her when she being a stinker.)

In the afternoon just Tyler and I took her to build her Hello Kitty. It is unique to have time with one child. I need to make more opportunities to treat the children to one-on-one dates; they are such a blast. Ivory found exactly what she wanted and came home with her treasure. Granted, I couldn't get her to stop watching Dad play Super Mario long enough to smile for the camera, but you get the idea.

In the evening, we had cake. You guessed it...

We may have gone a bit overboard with Hello Kitty. (Oh, the bow is made out of strawberries and blueberries because Ivory requested a strawberry/blueberry cake. She is so odd, but she will notice if you don't follow instructions.)

Ivory spent time blowing out each candle. I hope all her wishes come true.

I believe she had a really great birthday and I sure love her.

Now that we got that taken care of, I officially invite Pearl to join the family. Tyler would like their birthdays to be a little farther apart, but I am of a mind to welcome her whenever she wants to come (soon baby...please).


Svetlana and Scott said...

What a cutie! Happy Birthday Ivory!

Janelle said...

I love the fruit bow! And I've never heard of a birthday bear--I like that idea.

Nelle said...

What fun and I can always admire Hello Kitty through someone else's child. Great cake!

Shawn, Ashlee and Addison said...

What a cute cake! You will have to show me how to make such cute cakes sometime! Happy Birthday Ivory!