Saturday, February 27, 2010

Guess I Won't Bother with the Trampoline Either

So I went for a nice three-mile walk today. Not even ONE contraction, unless you count the two I had in the car hours later. Granted I was definitely sore afterward and had plenty of pain (although not the kind that brings a baby).

So no more workouts for me.

At this point I would actually prefer to have her next Thursday, because at least I can plan what to do with my other children.

Other funny things happening to distract me:

Ivory watched me shave my legs the other day (since I figured I shouldn't torture the pedicure people with four months worth of leg hair). She thought that was very cool. Then today when Dad was in the tub, Ivory stared down at his legs for a few moments and then said, "Dad, you should shave your legs, they are getting really hairy."

I should explain about Dad and the tub. We don't have the older girls bathe with Tyler anymore, but it is not like he locks the door. For instance, take this day.

Daisy was officially invited, but somehow the other two wanted to dip their feet and suddenly it was a party. He is pretty patient with his harem.


Emilie said...

That looks oddly familiar! I don't think Sky can take a bath in peace either. So are you scheduled for Thursday? I can't wait!

¡Vieve! said...

Even though it only has like, half-faces, etc, I really like that picture.