Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Day Everyone Wishes They Were Irish

I was actually worried that Seamus might have left because we hadn't heard from him at all. But the day before St. Patty's, he left us a note. He explained that he hadn't bugged us because of the new baby (how thoughtful), but he didn't want us to forget about leaving his gold out. So, we made our wishes and put our gold in the pot.

I think today was the day I finally realized how many people are in our family now. As I pulled up a picture of each person, there sure were a lot when I finished.

Seamus left us some goodies as usual. I kinda liked the sparkly clovers that I put on the girls.

Even Pearl got in on the wearing o' the green.

The hospital nurses gave us the festive ribbon when we went home.

Then I couldn't help the evening I took down all the St. Patrick's Day stuff and put up the Easter stuff. Seamus shouldn't complain, he got his gold.

I personally thought there were too many pictures, but Tyler chided me for leaving out Moxy.

Yep, she made a wish too. She probably wished that she were owned by people who didn't have such bizarre holiday traditions.


Emma Jo said...

Love it. Love fun family holiday traditions, especially ones that involve gold...or chocolate.

Emma Jo said...

PS I need to have another baby girl. I am coveting your darling girls all in a row.

Desmama said...

Look at those darling girls. LOOK at those darling girls. You're gonna make my birth control stop working . . . because my ovaries are going to explode with the darlingness of it all.