Monday, March 22, 2010

Allergic to Being Sick

Last week, Daisy broke out in some hives.

I thought about if she might have eaten anything new in the recent past or perhaps she had worn something with new detergent. I didn't think too much about it. I gave her a good dose of Benedryl and expected that the hives would be gone in a few hours, as has always been the case with me.

Not so much.

Instead, they got worse and would travel around her body, making each section swollen in turn and hot to the touch. She sported a low-grade fever as well. When they reached her face a few days later, she looked so terrible, that I broke down and took her into the doctor, still knowing full well that they would probably tell me there was nothing they could do.

We have been smearing her liberally with Caladryl to help with the itching

That is exactly what they told me, but at least the doctor on call (since this was a Saturday, naturally) told me that she was probably having a reaction to a virus. So...what? She's allergic to being sick? He said the hives would probably last at least a week and we should just keep giving her Benedryl to help with the itching and swelling. There was no need to worry unless she was having trouble breathing (luckily, none of that so far).

I think the hives are slowly going away. They are worst in her legs and feet right now, which are swollen and hot. Her face is basically back to normal, but new spots seem to break out all the time. Plus, she is now covered with scabs as well, because she hasn't been able to control the scratching. (Can't blame her there, they look really uncomfortable.)

Hopefully by Wednesday, they will be gone, but even then, I can't change her diet or help her avoid the cause of her woes. I just hope she never gets whatever this is again.


Nick said...

Poor girl, that looks like it feels horrible. I hope she gets better soon.

Emma Jo said...

Ok freaky twin...the freakiness continues. My daughter Abby had the exact same thing last week. In fact, a couple of my kids have had this before...the mysterious rash with no other symptoms that moves around their body in big, angry, hivey welts for a good few days...and then gone. Poor baby girl, I hope it leaves soon and for good.

Shawn, Ashlee and Addison said...

I am so sorry!! I hope that Daisy feels better soon! :-(

Katie said...

That may be one of the most sad things I've ever seen. I hope they go away soon and she feels better!

Deanne said...

Poor sweet girl! I hope they go away very soon.

Kayla said...

So sad! They look awful and so uncomfortable. And it's sad that she's so little and can't control the scratching. And it's awful that there really isn't anything you can do to make them go away faster. I hope they disappear quickly and that she's back to her happy self in no time!

The Simpson Times said...

Awww...poor girl. :-( Hope they go away soon for her.

Heather A said...

I'm so sorry! That really stinks. I hate it when kids are sick and when you can't do anything about it either it is so much worse.