Thursday, March 18, 2010

Keeping Busy

As I sifted through all my photos that I have taken recently, I decided that I needed to put some on here just to remember. Because as the dedication in one of my blog books says, "Life isn't short, just my memory." (Or something to that effect...I can't quite remember.)

Tyler took this photo.

As parents it is fun to watch what comes out of your children's imagination. On this day, June was the doctor. The stools outside the door were the waiting room and I think the doctor had just finished up with a patient. Very creative and true to life. (June was acting like a real doctor, so naturally the patients had to wait quite a while.)

This one was also snapped by Tyler, but I have taken many pictures of the kids organizing things. It gives us hope to think that they have the skill and may actually use it for dishes and clothes and perhaps tax documents someday. Robyn explained to us that it was an animal conference.

I think she said that dinosaurs were trying to convince the other animals that they were nice. When I found out it was a conference, I asked her which one was the prophet, but she kindly explained that it wasn't that type of conference.

Um...okay Tyler took this picture too, so maybe I should have started this post by saying, "The photos WE have taken recently." It is just my eyes.

But it reminds me to enjoy Pearl's blue eyes while she still has them. I have no vain hopes that they will remain that color. The brown eyes definitely dominate in this household (as does the X Chromosome) and I don't mind a bevy of brown eyed girls. They all have such beautiful eyes (Daisy's being the darkest).

This one I took.

I got Pearl all dressed for the day and she looked so long and grown-up (meaning a tad older than the two weeks she actually is). I think it was the little pants that made her seem older. I really need to treasure every moment since I am pretty sure Pearl is our last baby. Don't be sad people, we have to stop sometime, right?

Ah, and this last one just proves what I wrote the other day. I caught her this time.

Daisy is still struggling with the toddler bed (as are Mom and Dad dealing with her). She is tending toward late nights and still very early mornings, so it doesn't surprise me when she can't keep her eyes open to finish lunch. Trust me Daisy, I feel the same way. I just don't have the luxury of someone to put me in my bed after I fall asleep at the table.

One last thing, although there is no picture to go with it. The Sweet Sugar Fairies visited my house yesterday. They brought me a sweet message and some sugary goodness from the Cocoa Bean Cupcake Cafe. Yum!! They got away anonymously although I have my suspicions to who it was. Next time, fairies, you should stay and see the baby. You could even come without goodies and still be accepted, although I am truly thankful for the treat you brought. Once again, YUM!!

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Deanne said...

It's those little moments that you swear you'll never forget...and then somehow you do unless you document them. I loved the glimpses into your sweet family. And Pearl does look very grown up in that outfit!