Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Feasting at Home

This year was our first planned Thanksgiving here in Utah. There was that other year that we stayed home, but that was more mandated by the swine flu than by any choice of our own.

Grandma Cazier joined us for the week (if you haven't been able to tell from previous posts) and it was so much fun to kick back with family and take things at a slower pace.

The actual turkey day was nice and relaxed. Every one had their assignment and a time to work on it. The morning started with Daisy setting the table. She was so cute getting everything ready. Real napkins and a tablecloth (which we never do).

I was in charge of making Jami's famous raspberry dessert/salad. I had tried it before and it didn't turn out very well, but this time it went perfectly. (Sorry, no photos of me this time around.)

Tyler was in charge of the bird. He always tells me that men do meat. Be my guest.

Robyn was on rolls. She did a fantastic job. They were devoured.

Ivory chose spuds because she loves to peel them. That has always been a favorite job of hers.

Pearl had our designated vegetable.

I left the gravy to the expert. And it was a good choice too.

I made some stuffing as well and June opened the cranberry sauce. She probably wouldn't have signed up for that one if she knew how easy it was going to be. But don't worry, she was also in charge of dessert. She made a chocolate pie and it was delicious. (Although I sometimes feel sorry for pie. Everyone is so full by the time you get there, it just isn't the same. I can see why Grandma does pie for breakfast, but I'm not there yet. I need a happy medium. Maybe pie on Wed night?)

The day was casual and full of laughs. There were many games played. Watch Pip. She seems to always be in someone's arms.

Tyler snuck a nap somewhere in there.

Poor Pip probably got more love than she could handle, especially from Ivory.

Oh look, I made a photo after all.

It was finally time to feast and it was all fantastic. I was so grateful for all the helping hands. Some people say Thanksgiving is stressful, but I found sharing the load makes for a lighter burden.

And don't think we forgot the dogs. They got their feast as well. I think everyone was well fed.

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meganmushrat said...

Great job getting a picture of both dogs with their tongues licking their lips! Sounds like you had a fantastic Thanksgiving day. Ours was pretty good too, but fewer people and I cooked everything myself. Our designated vegetable (peas) never made it out of the freezer and our dessert was the traditional pumpkin pie. But I might make pumpkin pie cake next year!