Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Hardest Night of the Year to Sleep

Actually, I don't have much trouble sleeping any night. Head meets pillow and they are off on wild sleepy adventures together. Maybe that will change someday, but for now I will enjoy my body's ability to sleep with ease.

As for the littles, they are much more excited on Christmas Eve. Ivory was probably awake the longest, swearing that she would never be able to fall asleep, but she succumbed to Mr. Sandman like everyone else.

I was most worried about Robyn. Robyn was sick most of the week before Christmas. I believe on Christmas Eve Eve (the evening before Christmas Eve) she was up half the night watching movies because she couldn't sleep. But even she found a good rhythm that evening. Maybe it was the jammies. (Or the NyQuil.)

Gotta have Christmas Eve jammies. I wonder if my kids will ever get too old for jammies? Even if they do, there will be grandkids someday. For now, the kids are still super thrilled to open their one gift on Christmas Eve. Pearl scored two nightgowns...she was stoked.

Robyn still likes to use her teeth to open gifts sometimes. Let's keep that to a minimum this year, you sickie.

Some people are so excited that they don't even leave the room to change.

Eventually everyone is ready to go. Go to bed, that is.

We didn't forget to leave some treats for Santa. The petite fours (thanks Grandma Dargan) are coveted at our house, so Santa is very lucky to get some. Ivory left a carrot for each reindeer. And Daisy left Santa some cocoa and apple cider. (He probably likes both.)

I got to stay up a little later with this handsome guy. He makes Christmas Eve just right.

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meganmushrat said...

I can remember the excitement of Christmas Eve when I was a kid. I can also remember staying up late trying to get everything wrapped or stuffed in stockings. Christmas Eve is so much easier now. Sounds like you had a good time!